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 Happy Labor Day! Here’s hoping you and your pups enjoy a day of play!

Third Wheel

Alex often jokes that he feels like the third wheel of the family. Of course he’s kidding, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s some truth to that statement…

Photo Cred: Creeper Boyfriend

Photo Cred: Creeper Boyfriend

For the last 8 years I lived at home, I had two dogs that I loved and adored. They were my constant companions, both sleeping in my bed every single night: one at my feet and one resting her head on the pillow next to mine. For most of my tween and teen years, this sleeping arrangement was totally normal.

My first loves.

My first loves.

And then the boyfriend and I moved out on our own, away from my dogs and our families. I had no idea how much having dogs around affected my mood and happiness level.  So about 3 months into living alone, we started fostering dogs. As much as I wanted to adopt one straight away, I was finishing up school and so I figured this was a better option.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, many (most) of our foster dogs eventually ended up in our bed as well. I can’t help it – I love having a dog at my feet! It’s the most natural, wonderful way to sleep, in my opinion.

Our second foster, but the first we truly fell for.

Our second foster, Lola.

So of course it’s not a huge shocker that Rufus, once our foster dog and eventually our forever and ever companion, sleeps in the bed with us every single night. And while Alex very rarely complains (except for the occasional nights in which Rufus decides he’s a mega snorer), I wonder if it’s normal that our dog literally sleeps between us 95% of the time.


He has zero sense of personal space.

Ru is obviously my best friend on four legs, but Alex is my everything else. And of course Rufus and I are much more bonded than he and Alex, simply because we spend a lot more time together. Alex works a lot – something that I never ever blame him for, he’s just a lot busier than I am. And because of his schedule and his position in his company, it means that Rufus and I take a ton of day trips together, something I enjoy immensely. All of the hiking, training, and bonding we do has made us attached at the hip. But that’s no big deal, right? That’s totally normal for crazy dog folks like me and you…



I guess I just want to know what your experience is when it comes to your relationship as a family with your pup. And what are your thoughts on a dog in the bed? Even if you’re single, is it something you allow? I’m just curious to know how others deal with the dog-human dynamic of relationships and real life. We all blog about our dogs, so I figure this is the best place to be honest and open as well as get some honest feedback. Seriously – don’t hold back. Comment away! We’ll be waiting…



Falling in love: collars and accessories for your pooch

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The food, the fashion, the crisp air accompanied by endless mugs of lattes, hot chocolate, or coffee with cinnamon – it’s all perfectly lovely to me.

Oh, and pureed pumpkin? Add it to all of the things! This is something Rufus and I agree on wholeheartedly.

But I digress. Back to the topic of fashion and accessories, It’s about this time that I start scouring the internet for new pieces for myself as well as for my best furry friend. A man’s gotta look and feel dapper in the colder months too, am I right?

Here are some items on my wishlist that just scream “fall” to me:




1. Woodsy” yellow collar by Sirius Republic. Rufus already owns about 5 Sirius collars, so what’s one more? Also, plaid. Plaid always wins in my book.

2. “Pictures of You” pillow pack by Molly Mutt. We already have a duvet cover in this print and I love the idea of adding a pillow to make Ru’s bed more couch-like. Maybe if he felt like he had his own little sofa, he wouldn’t be so eager to drool and shed all over ours?? Hah. Wishful thinking.

3. “Red Buffalo” plaid leash by Found. I’ve wanted a rope leash for years, but just couldn’t justify the price. Now that they’ve added a plaid handle?? I don’t know how much longer I can resist.

4.“Rescued” dog collar at Olive Green Dog. Just because I love spreading the rescue dog love.

5. Natural canvas owl toy by Simply Fido. Made from natural canvas and dyes, these toys are super adorable to look at and claim to be highly durable. Rufus has loved his hedgehog passionately for over two years now and today, he decided it was time to call it off by ripping the stuffing out of the poor little guy. I think it’s time to get him a new bff.

6. “The Maxwell” collar by Puddle Jumper Pups. How cute is this collar? All decorated with top hats and mustaches – it doesn’t get much dapper than that. I’ve purchased items from this Etsy store before and the quality is perfection! Check ‘em out if you have the chance.

7. Plaid dog jacket by Billy Wolf Smith. I know it doesn’t get very cold in my part of the country, but we are hoping to be traveling a lot in the upcoming months, so you never know! Also, Rufus in a coat is kind of my favorite thing ever.


Do you love fall as much as I do? Any items you have your eye on, either for yourself or your pup(s)? Share them in the comments below!

That one time my dog didn’t eat a rat.

Disclaimer: The photos in this post are mediocre at best. Still, I wanted to share them simply because they’re proof that my dog isn’t a murderer. Enjoy!


My neighbors have rats.

Rats are pretty awesome. They’re super intelligent, trainable and adorable…minus that tail. I feel kind of bad saying that, but that tail is anything but cute, am I right? All hairless and awkward looking. But I digress..

So a lot of the time, these rats are caged in my neighbor’s backyard, which wouldn’t be an issues except for the fact that these super smart rats get out of their cage.


All. The. Time.

At first, we tried to warn them that this escape game was happening pretty often and their rats were ending up in our backyard. You know, the same backyard in which our dog(s) run free and do their business. We have a wooden privacy fence, but sections of it are pretty open – gapped big enough for a rat to do whatever he damn well wants to do.

My neighbor lady is so sweet, and she was genuinely sorry for the situation. I explained to her that my biggest concern was that my crazy hound dog would hurt the rats if they ever happened to be in the same place at the same time, an event that would no doubt traumatize me for years to come. She understood where I was coming from and did her best to contain her rodents.

But guess what? Rats are very, very smart.

So one day, while we were still fostering Miss Hattie, all three of us were just hanging out in the backyard and catching some rays when one of the brave little rats decided to pay us a visit. Before I could even react, the dogs were at the fence checking out their new best friend. And guess what? Neither of them wanted to do any murdering whatsoever! I honestly couldn’t believe it.


The worst thing that happened is that Hattie got a little bark-y when the rat kept teasing them by going in and out of the fence, playing a game of chase. But other than that? Rufus just stared at his friend, sometimes whining when he would disappear onto his side of the fence. It blew my mind.


My hound dog mix that goes bananas anytime a cat runs by him in the neighborhood. My crazy man that makes chirping noises whenever he sees a squirrel hanging out on the power lines. Does this mean he’s all talk? I have no idea, and I certainly don’t want to risk it….but it just goes to show that you never know when mother nature will throw you for a loop.

Hooray! My dog doesn’t want to kill things….or at least not things with super gross, bald tails.

A Hike at Smith Rock

Last month, we took a mini vacation to Bend, OR and hiked this beautiful state park. Oh, and then I totally forgot to share the photos with you guys. Shame on me.

Here are just a couple of pictures I snapped along the way. It was super hot that day, so we made sure to keep the pup nice and cool with tons of water and allowing him to splash around as much as his little heart desired. Despite the uncomfortable dry heat, the view was incredible and so worth it. All in all, we had a great day.


Here he is, being a good boy by sitting for the photo. But of course also pulling a classic Rufus by turning his back towards me. What a punk.

IMG_2810Hey, Bend? You’re pretty gorgeous.

IMG_2828Having a blast, sniffing to his heart’s content.

IMG_2840Getting his feet wet.



A tired, happy pup ready to go back to the hotel for some room service and air conditioning!