A Celebration! 4 & 7(ish) Years of Rufus

Yesterday, we celebrated 4 years of loving and adoring this amazing mutt.

photo 3

Since he’s a rescue dog with no known history, we also use this day to celebrate his unofficial birthday.

The weather was absolutely awful yesterday, so while we did get outside for some muddy romps into between rain showers, we mostly did a whole lot of this:

photo 4


Oh, and of course peanut butter and bully sticks were handed out as well. I mean, what’s a birthday without a few of your favorite things?

Here’s to many more years with this adorable dude!

My Dog Is Named for Elizabeth Bishop

Vanessa & Rufus:

This poem sum up my dog walks in the fall perfectly. Lovely.

Originally posted on Doggerel:

{the fashionable dachshund} photo by Patrick Lichfield, 1964

Patrick Lichfield, 1964.

My Dog Is Named for Elizabeth Bishop

Robyn Selman

October. The first pricks of cold air in
the city morning. We walk, Liz and I,
up then down in the same uneven line.

Her ears as sharp as sharpened pencils,
she pulls me along her wayward travels.
She darts out headlong, paces ahead,

coming and going and leaving again,
the way shadows seem to meet the tops of heads,
dissolve and are newly elongated.

We like the early, early morning best.
Our view is, thankfully, how we left it.
Nothing has stirred yet, the news lies unread.

Except for the weather, it’s all so still,
and no one is walking out of our world.

. . . . . . . . .

Appropriate dog-walking poem for the season! I love how it captures that silent peace of walking your dog in the morning. I also love…

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