A Hike at Smith Rock

Last month, we took a mini vacation to Bend, OR and hiked this beautiful state park. Oh, and then I totally forgot to share the photos with you guys. Shame on me.

Here are just a couple of pictures I snapped along the way. It was super hot that day, so we made sure to keep the pup nice and cool with tons of water and allowing him to splash around as much as his little heart desired. Despite the uncomfortable dry heat, the view was incredible and so worth it. All in all, we had a great day.


Here he is, being a good boy by sitting for the photo. But of course also pulling a classic Rufus by turning his back towards me. What a punk.

IMG_2810Hey, Bend? You’re pretty gorgeous.

IMG_2828Having a blast, sniffing to his heart’s content.

IMG_2840Getting his feet wet.



A tired, happy pup ready to go back to the hotel for some room service and air conditioning!

Colorfully Dreamy Portraits Show Pit Bulls in a Softer Light

Vanessa & Rufus:

You can’t go wrong with flower crowns and gorgeous pitties, am I right??

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Some dogs unfortunately and unnecessarily get a bad rap. We’ve seen efforts to show the beauty of all-black canines, and now photographer Sophie Gamand has shared with us a new series, Flower Power, where she aims at presenting the pit bull breed in a different light. Rather than portraying them with tough and gritty imagery, Gamand highlights soft, feminine tones to reflect on their sweet nature.

Before starting the series, the photographer challenged herself to approach pit bulls with a fresh perspective and an open heart. She admittedly had prejudices against them, but instead of letting them persist, she immersed herself and became an active volunteer with rescue groups. It was here she started to look at them in another way. Now, Gamand feels that they are the victims of prejudices and urban legends.

There are an estimated one million pit bulls that are euthanized in America every…

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Peace, Love and Naps.

Over the past year, I’ve started to meditate more regularly. And while it’s had a ton of benefits for my own busy mind, Rufus has come to enjoy these quiet moments just as much.

If I even attempt to meditate without him in the room, he will stand outside the door and do his little under-his-breath whine that always melts me into a puddle of goo.

So he joins me, often laying by my side and completely still. I don’t know if you can tell, but the dude really loves to get his OM on. And if that can happen while also basking in a sun spot? Well, he basically reaches nirvana.


Does your dog join you in any relaxing or another of your favorite activities? Rufus obviously walks and hikes with me, but it kind of means a lot to me that he seems to sense how peaceful this practice makes me – it just continues to remind me how incredibly intuitive dogs are.