Move It! Monday

It’s the beginning of the week, which can be a total drag if you let it get to you.

To change our hum-drum attitude, Rufus and I got up extra early and got in a really wonderful (and sunny!) hike at the park.


Starting the day off with some vigorous activity always helps to boost my mood. And doing so in great company? That’s just icing on the cake.




Take that, Monday.

These Two

All of this sunshine is starting to make life a lot brighter, figuratively and literally.  I’ve started a bunch of new projects and have become so excited about my future. I couldn’t do it without the help of these two loves of my life:



Happy Sunday! 

Chugging Along.

I’m not gonna lie – February and March have been pretty challenging. Without over-sharing, I am just emotionally and mentally drained. But! This past weekend brought some much-needed sunshine and time outdoors so I’m already feeling more like myself. Here’s hoping for more vitamin D in the near future.


Rufus is pretty happy about it as well…


Snow Day in Portlandia!

You guys. We got some real snow last night…and it continues to fall today. After a very slow and scary ride to work, I was sent home after a mere three and a half hours. The midwesterner in me is all sorts of giddy.


Let the snow day commence!