Timeout: Be a good friend

There’s no doubt that I love Rufus with my whole heart. He is absolutely one of the best little souls I’ve ever known.


And as much as I adore him, he sometimes get demoted to my daily chore. Of course this isn’t intentional – us humans just seem to be so freaking busy all of the time, we often get caught up in our own stuff, forgetting about the little people.

Rufus is not a “little people.”

But sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and forget to spend true quality time with him. Sure, we walk several miles a day every single day, but am I really paying attention to him as my companion? Not always. He just happens to be on the other end of the leash while my mind floods with thoughts and to-do lists.

I’m so grateful that Rufus is a low-maintenance pup, but sometimes that makes it easier to go about my day. He will happily lay at my feet for hours while I work on the computer, never making a peep or even asking to go outside. His bladder is made of steel. It’s so easy to stay busy or distracted when no one is telling you otherwise.

Of course, this mode of autopilot doesn’t last for long. Sometimes it just takes me abeat to realize how wonderful this bond is and how much it completes me as a dog owner and as a human being. IMG_3600

So yesterday, we rekindled our friendship. There was a long hike with plenty of training opportunities and treats involved, a belly rub accompanied by a game of tug, and an extra special cuddle session on the couch before we headed off to bed. Maybe it sounds dramatic, but it’s just what I needed to put everything back into perspective.

You’re never too busy to enjoy the little things, so take a second and pet your dog. He’s waiting. 


And then the rat brought a friend…

So the rats are back…

or should I say that the rat is back and he brought a a sidekick?

Once again, Rufus has totally blown my mind by not gobbling them up. In fact, he made nose-to-nose contact with one of them this time and his jowls stayed completely shut.


Go freaking figure.

I will say that I was actually working on some photographs in the backyard when it happened this time, so I became a little agitated and impatient by the presence of our unwelcome neighbors. If I had to guess, I think Rufus could sense that I was irritated and fed off my energy, making him a little restless as well. He didn’t harm the rats in any way, shape, or form but he also became more aroused than I was comfortable with towards the end. Because of his mood change, I decided to put him inside before I ended up regretting giving him so much credit.

Self-control can only last so long when you’re a dog surrounded by prey, am I right?

His posture became a little more stiff and unsure as opposed to curious and relaxed.

His posture became a little more stiff and unsure as opposed to curious and relaxed, which is a big red flag.

Better safe than sorry!


Until next time, rat friends!

P.S. Again, I apologize for the blurry photos – I was photographing something completely different so my manual settings were on. It’s too bad – I would love to get a clear photo of Rufus kissing a rat on the lips! ;)

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 Happy Labor Day! Here’s hoping you and your pups enjoy a day of play!

Third Wheel

Alex often jokes that he feels like the third wheel of the family. Of course he’s kidding, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s some truth to that statement…

Photo Cred: Creeper Boyfriend

Photo Cred: Creeper Boyfriend

For the last 8 years I lived at home, I had two dogs that I loved and adored. They were my constant companions, both sleeping in my bed every single night: one at my feet and one resting her head on the pillow next to mine. For most of my tween and teen years, this sleeping arrangement was totally normal.

My first loves.

My first loves.

And then the boyfriend and I moved out on our own, away from my dogs and our families. I had no idea how much having dogs around affected my mood and happiness level.  So about 3 months into living alone, we started fostering dogs. As much as I wanted to adopt one straight away, I was finishing up school and so I figured this was a better option.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, many (most) of our foster dogs eventually ended up in our bed as well. I can’t help it – I love having a dog at my feet! It’s the most natural, wonderful way to sleep, in my opinion.

Our second foster, but the first we truly fell for.

Our second foster, Lola.

So of course it’s not a huge shocker that Rufus, once our foster dog and eventually our forever and ever companion, sleeps in the bed with us every single night. And while Alex very rarely complains (except for the occasional nights in which Rufus decides he’s a mega snorer), I wonder if it’s normal that our dog literally sleeps between us 95% of the time.


He has zero sense of personal space.

Ru is obviously my best friend on four legs, but Alex is my everything else. And of course Rufus and I are much more bonded than he and Alex, simply because we spend a lot more time together. Alex works a lot – something that I never ever blame him for, he’s just a lot busier than I am. And because of his schedule and his position in his company, it means that Rufus and I take a ton of day trips together, something I enjoy immensely. All of the hiking, training, and bonding we do has made us attached at the hip. But that’s no big deal, right? That’s totally normal for crazy dog folks like me and you…



I guess I just want to know what your experience is when it comes to your relationship as a family with your pup. And what are your thoughts on a dog in the bed? Even if you’re single, is it something you allow? I’m just curious to know how others deal with the dog-human dynamic of relationships and real life. We all blog about our dogs, so I figure this is the best place to be honest and open as well as get some honest feedback. Seriously – don’t hold back. Comment away! We’ll be waiting…