Dog Gear Love: Puddle Jumper Pups

I heart Etsy. To the untrained shopper, it can seem super overwhelming and full of too many people making too many thing.

But I promise you, there are so many wonderful creators out there making high-quality products for you and your pooch.

Puddle Jumper Pups is my new favorite thing. Their collars are super affordable, high quality, and the pattern options are crazy cute.

I recently picked up two new collars for Ru and I’m in love with both of them.


“The Maxwell” & “The Noah”

The Maxwell is a white collar with black, old school drawings of mustaches, top hats, bowler hats, etc. With a name like Rufus, it was only a matter of time before I covered him in old man-esque designs! Unfortunately, PJP seems to be sold out of this design – sorry! Though if you like this one, The Marty is incredibly similar.




The Noah design was a bit out of our (my) comfort zone. For whatever reason, I’m always drawn to patterns when it comes to dog collars: plaid, argyle, paisley, etc. But! I feel like this cutesy whale design is a nice change of pace and kind of makes Rufus look a little more puppy-ish, which is never a bad thing. Also, I loved the turquoise color too much to pass it up!


The drool adds a great puppyish touch, don’t you agree??



So yeah, I just wanted to share a new find with my fellow dog lovers. If you are looking to feed your collar addition, check out Puddle Jumper Pups on Etsy. The creator is fast to get back to you and inquiries and new designs are always popping up!

P.S. I’m not getting paid for this, I just really, really, really love any excuse to buy my dog new stuff. I’m sure many of you can relate, right??

Movers & Shakers

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was, well…a little bit all over the place. Ups, downs, and lots of “what am I going to do with the rest of my life??” moments of sheer panic. So yeah, I’m exhausted.

When I had reached my limit of anxiety for the day, I decided to take my yoga mat to the park and enjoy some fresh air. After all, fresh air doesn’t judge you and your life choices.

When all else fails, stretch it out.


It wasn’t long until I got distracted by this handsome mug.


So many feels.


In case you were wondering, I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’ve always been someone that wants to do EVERYTHING, which is great until it’s not. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and choose one thing to focus on, which is so very hard for my scatter-brained way of thinking.

Ugh..but I digress. Here’s to hoping this week brings a lot of a-ha moments and joy! Happy Monday!


Adoptable: Swiffer The Super Mutt!

You know I have a sweet spot for mutts, especially when a dog is so full of mutt that you can’t really figure out what breeds might be in the mix.

I think it’s safe to say that Swiffer fits the bill.


Swiffer is actually the foster/project dog of my friend and previous co-worker, Jackie. He is located just outside of Chicago, so please share his photos and story if you know someone looking to adopt a new furry friend!

And without further ado, I’ll pass it over to Jackie to explain a little bit about this smooshable stud:

IMG_38921IMG_39331Swiffer has come a long way to get here today! He has been tossed around and has never understood what it was like to be a normal dog with a forever family. After being returned by his previous adopter, Swiffer came back into rescue in July without a foster home lined up.  Fortunately, my boss opened up her daycare home and he has been fostered at Top Dog Retreat in Elmhurst, IL ever since. As the trainer at Top Dog, I have been working with him on his basic manners as well as how to live in a home successfully and he is doing very well!  Swiffer loves other dogs! He is friendly towards everyone, although he’ll let a bark slip out from the excitement of meeting someone new. He loves chasing squirrels, and since his prey drive is so high, he would do best in a home with no cats. He is a goofy, 65 pound boy who is looking for his forever home!


To learn more about Swiffer, check out Magnificent Mutts for adoption and contact information. Let’s get this boy adopted!

Timeout: Be a good friend

There’s no doubt that I love Rufus with my whole heart. He is absolutely one of the best little souls I’ve ever known.


And as much as I adore him, he sometimes get demoted to my daily chore. Of course this isn’t intentional – us humans just seem to be so freaking busy all of the time, we often get caught up in our own stuff, forgetting about the little people.

Rufus is not a “little people.”

But sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and forget to spend true quality time with him. Sure, we walk several miles a day every single day, but am I really paying attention to him as my companion? Not always. He just happens to be on the other end of the leash while my mind floods with thoughts and to-do lists.

I’m so grateful that Rufus is a low-maintenance pup, but sometimes that makes it easier to go about my day. He will happily lay at my feet for hours while I work on the computer, never making a peep or even asking to go outside. His bladder is made of steel. It’s so easy to stay busy or distracted when no one is telling you otherwise.

Of course, this mode of autopilot doesn’t last for long. Sometimes it just takes me abeat to realize how wonderful this bond is and how much it completes me as a dog owner and as a human being. IMG_3600

So yesterday, we rekindled our friendship. There was a long hike with plenty of training opportunities and treats involved, a belly rub accompanied by a game of tug, and an extra special cuddle session on the couch before we headed off to bed. Maybe it sounds dramatic, but it’s just what I needed to put everything back into perspective.

You’re never too busy to enjoy the little things, so take a second and pet your dog. He’s waiting.