Oh! There I am!

Hello out there!!

For the past 13 days, I have been visiting family and friends back in Illinois. Because it was a planned surprise visit (we surprised my brother as well as my bf’s mom), I didn’t want to ruin anything by posting any clues on the internet. It totally worked and many tears were shed. Success!


Since Rufus didn’t come with this time, there isn’t much to share on the topic of dogs. However, enjoy a few beautiful photos from our trip across the country as well as Chicago in all its glory.


I’ve missed this little place on the interwebs. Be back soon with more pup stuff! Promise.


Surprise! I’m a good boy!

Rufus really likes to surprise me. I mean he really, really loves to prove me wrong. And sometimes, I’m totally cool with that.

Yesterday we went to visit my friend and her boyfriend on their gorgeous farm. I’ve been friends with Erin since elementary school in Illinois and somehow both of us ended up in the beautiful state of Oregon. We’re still really close and we also both really adore our dogs. Like, crazy dog lady status.


Who else takes close-up photos of their dog’s glorious jowls?

Since we’ve lived out here, Rufus has become really close with Erin and she’s even watched him a few times for us. However, she has lived with her boyfriend for awhile now and Ru has never had the opportunity to meet him. And since we have a vacation planned and poor Ru won’t be able to go with, we finally had to suck it up and get these two dudes together.

Some behavioral history on Rufus: he’s iffy with new people, especially men. Sometimes he can be completely cool with strangers right away and other times he embarrasses the crap out of me. I mean…he’s a complicated guy and I just never know which Rufus I’m going to be bringing to a situation. Yep, it’s SUPER fun….

But guess what? He was a freaking all-star yesterday and liked Matt right away. No barking, no weirdo low growling, and he basically just kept his cool. Of course I set him up for success: lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior, taking a really beautiful long walk with everyone around their farm (which is his favorite thing EVER!!), etc. And the most important factor: he saw that both Erin and I (and Moose, his dog friend) enjoyed Matt’s company, which means the world to him. Mom’s cool with this guy? Ok, I’ll let him live. Of course I’m being dramatic, but you get the point.

Rufus and Erin's Moose after a crazy romp at the beach.

Rufus and Erin’s pup, Moose, after a long romp at the beach.

If any of you out there have weary dogs, do you experience the same thing? I find it so fascinating that he really does seem to just intuitively feel how I feel around certain people. Of course this doesn’t work every single time, but I’m always so thankful when it does. If there was every any doubt, he is absolutely my soul pup.

My little mood ring.

We cool?

We cool?

Wet Wednesday!

Rufus knows the drill. We pull up to the vet clinic/dog wash and he immediately tries to “cute” his way out of the inevitable. Jumping around, giving me kisses (he is not a licker, so this is actually totally out of character), becoming super playful and pulling on his leash in the opposite direction of the building. It’s freaking adorable, really.

But guess what, buddy? A clean dog trumps a cute, shedding, grimy one. Game on!

Once he’s in the tub, he’s actually a perfect gentleman. He takes it like a man. A pathetically miserable man, but still. My little champion.


Same with the blowdryer. Once in awhile, he’ll get feisty and jump off the table but that’s about it. He’ll hop right back up for me and wait for the wind tunnel torture to be over.

Such a regal beast.

Such a regal beast.

Bless his clean and shiny little heart.


He very much prefers the “air dry” method.

Adventures in Pet Sitting | Our Pack is Growing!

I have to admit that I have puppy fever pretty bad lately. And by “puppy fever”, I mean dogs over 8 months old that I want to adopt and smooch and train and love. Unfortunately our lives are a little too hectic right now to take on a new pup, so I’m getting my fix through work.

Over the past week and a half, we’ve been gaining some wonderful new clients. Old and young, big and small (and super teensy tiny!), cuddle bugs and spitfires – it’s all good. Here are just a few of the beautiful creatures I get to spend these sunny summer days with on a regular basis:


Supermutt! Spitfire! Weary of strangers but an absolute blast once he gets to know you.


Dreamboat. Mega babe. He’s a dream on a leash and a total brainiac.


Hilarious. Feisty. These two ladies have been through a lot medically, but they don’t let that fact take away their zest for life!


Moody. Brooding. This guy tried his hardest to hate me, but I totally won him over. I always do.

I’m a lucky gal.

Product Review | Wellness TruFood CocoChia Bakes

Coco Chia Bakes for dogs? What will they think of next?


Coconut and chia seeds both happen to be foods that I eat on a regular basis. Flaked coconut on top of my oatmeal, chia seeds in my smoothies, coconut oil melted on top of my sweet potato – yum! You get the idea. So when I saw that I could give my pup a treat with so much good-for-you goodness in them as well, I jumped at the chance. Ru’s photobomb says it all. Yes please to all the treats!


These little bites smell more like their earthier ingredients than delicious coconut (greens galore!) which probably means there’s a lot of the good stuff in there. I’m cool with that. Oh, and Rufus doesn’t seem to mind eating his greens in treat form either.


They’re bite-sized, which makes them great for smaller dogs or a training treat. Because they’re not super stinky, they may not be ideal for picky eaters.  I have yet to live with the ever-elusive “picky” dog, so that really doesn’t pertain to this scenario.


“Give me all the food,lady!”


Crazy eyes? Check.

IMG_7084Overall, I’d say these are ideal for dogs that will eat just about anything as well as those of you that prefer to feed your pups somewhat healthier treats, saving the chewy/meaty stuff for special occasions. Give ’em a try!

*Thanks to Chewy for gifting us these treats in exchange for our honest review.