Treat Yo’Self! | Chewy Review – Nutro Wild Blueberry Pomegranate Biscuits

As much as I know Rufus love stinky, chewy, soft treats, I like to save those for special occasions or for training rewards. For random handouts, I like to keep a crunchier treat on hand – they’re a little bit better for his teeth and usually lower in fat.

All natural with a list of clean ingredients, these Nutro treats fit the bill!

photo 1-3

So basically you’re telling me there’s nothing weird and unnecessary in there? Ok, awesome.

photo 2-3

Rufus isn’t picky, so it was no surprise that he gobbled these up. They may not get him as excited as their stinkier counterparts (these actually smell really sweet and quite nice to the human nose!), but he’s not going to decline anything in food form. They’re a perfect size, but I usually break them in half for tinier bites.

photo 3-4

I mean…I think that you can tell from his face that he’s waaaaaay in.

photo 4 photo 5

Thanks to Chewy for offering up some delicious treats in exchange for our honest opinion. Check them out here!

About a Dog | Getting to know Ru


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some personal tidbits about my bff. Everything about Rufus – his quirks, likes, and dislikes –  kind of fascinate me to no end. Here’s a quick little profile on my dude.

Name Origin

Found as a stray, we’re not sure what his original name was. However, the shelter had him listed as “Brindle Boy” online. I spent the week before his arrival dreaming up a bunch of names I would call him. When he finally arrived, his hound face and “complicated” personality made it clear that he was born to be a “Rufus.”


We estimate that he’s about 7 years old  and we celebrate his birthday and adopt-iversary in October.


Again, we’re not 100% sure on this. I usually just say that he’s a hound mix. I suspect he has some plott hound, beagle, and maybe even some basset in him. I also hear that he’s built like a lab, so I guess that’s a possibility as well. Whatever he is, it’s working for him!


Long walks, muddy hikes, car rides, eating grass, belly rubs, lazy Sundays, chasing squirrels and cats, and sleeping on all the beds and couches!


Nail clippers, feeling trapped, going out in the rain alone (but it’s totally cool when mom accompanies him! Misery loves company, right?)

Behavioral “Quirks”

Rufus is incredibly vocal. I don’t mean that he barks a lot, but he actually growls for every emotion! It’s honestly the most ridiculous quirk ever. He growls when he’s happy, sad, scared, nervous, and you know..when he’s not happy. I’ll have to get it on video someday to show you the many growls of Rufus.

Rufus also happens to be on the skittish side with new people. He takes a very long time to trust people, and he’s only ever truly loved a handful of our friends and family that have taken the time to be slow with him and all happen to be very good with dogs. Even though his issues can be exhausting and hard to work with, he has made progress in the time he’s been with us. Even if he’s never perfect, he’s perfect to me.

Favorite Foods

Peanut butter, broccoli stems, apples, Honest Kitchen, pumpkin, and anything and everything in stinky treat form.

Energy Level

In this regard, Rufus is absolutely perfect! If the weather isn’t cooperating or if I happen to be busy or fighting a bug, he will not hesitate to sleep the day away. On the flip side, his regular schedule consists of long walks, weekly hikes, training, and even the occasional play session with a neighborhood dog. While I prefer an active pup, it’s also really nice to have one that can just chill like it’s his job.

Favorite Tricks

Rufus knows quite a few basic party tricks: sit, shake, down, stay, wait,  “say please” (similar to “sit pretty”), “show me your belly”, “go to your place” (crate), spin, stand up, “take a bow”, etc. However, I think the thing about him that impresses me the most is his ability to read me so well. Because we’re so bonded, Rufus is incredibly intuitive and his behavior often reflects the way I’m feeling – it’s scary how on point he is!

Where He’s Been

Rufus is a road trip pro! Not only has he travelled across the country and hotel-hopped with us when we moved from Chicago to Portland, he’s also been to Seattle, the Oregon coast, and Mt. Hood a few times since our move.

My Favorite Memory

Whenever you have a fearful or challenging dog, the best moments are the ones in which you see your best friend truly happy and relaxed. I adore seeing Rufus play with other dogs! Whenever he finds a dog he really likes, he turns into a puppy again. However, nothing can top the rare moments in which Rufus allows another human into his life. Seeing him light up when one of his favorite people shows up just destroys me in the best way possible.

Hike Your (Dog’s) Own Hike :: What It Really Means To Plan A Thru Hike With Your Dog

Vanessa & Rufus:

One of my lifelong dreams is to complete a monumental hike with my bff. Let the research commence! I love this starting point by Ruffwear. Enjoy!

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The Appalachian Trail runs 2,180 miles, from Springer Mountain, GA to Katahdin, ME. Each year, up to 2,000 people attempt to “thru-hike” the entire length of the AT (hike the entire trail in one, continuous outing) – a trek that on average takes five to seven months. This year, one of those attempting to thru-hike the AT is Maija, a photographer from Minnesota. Joining Maija are her two loyal companions, Griffin and Little Bear.
Today (March 31, 2015), Maija, Griffin and Little Bear start their long journey north, taking their first steps on the AT in Springer Mountain, GA. Last night, from a hotel room in Dahlonega, GA  Maija took some time to reflect on everything she has done to prepare herself and the unknowns that lie ahead. Her note to us below is honest, reflective and genuine. We can’t wait to hear updates from the trio throughout the summer …

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On Sundays, We Nap

Sorry for the radio silence around here,  but it was just one of those weeks.

To keep you interested, here’s a ridiculously exhausted Rufus napping like it’s his job.

And, well….yeah, I guess it kinda is his job. Naps, forced cuddles, and squirrel chasing. Dude’s got it made.


Hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved lazy Sunday!



Infographic: 22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Vanessa & Rufus:

I owe my lack of allergies as well as my happiness to about 100 dogs I have loved in my life thus far. Thank you x100.

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Besides providing companionship, owning a dog has other health benefits to humans. These benefits are listed in the following infographic by Chewie Says, which is titled ‘22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier’. According to the infographic, dogs are able to enhance our mood and reduce stress; they keep us more active; and they also help with fighting depression. To find out more, check out the infographic below: 22-ways-dogs-make-humans-healthier_54fa65eeaba17_w1500

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