On Sundays, We Nap

Sorry for the radio silence around here,  but it was just one of those weeks.

To keep you interested, here’s a ridiculously exhausted Rufus napping like it’s his job.

And, well….yeah, I guess it kinda is his job. Naps, forced cuddles, and squirrel chasing. Dude’s got it made.


Hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved lazy Sunday!



Infographic: 22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Vanessa & Rufus:

I owe my lack of allergies as well as my happiness to about 100 dogs I have loved in my life thus far. Thank you x100.

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Besides providing companionship, owning a dog has other health benefits to humans. These benefits are listed in the following infographic by Chewie Says, which is titled ‘22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier’. According to the infographic, dogs are able to enhance our mood and reduce stress; they keep us more active; and they also help with fighting depression. To find out more, check out the infographic below: 22-ways-dogs-make-humans-healthier_54fa65eeaba17_w1500

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Wordless Wednesday | Cow Dog

Rufus feeds on grass like it’s going out of style.


He has zero stomach problems. The dude just really, really likes grass.

photo 1

It’s mostly annoying, but at least he looks adorable while he’s irritating me. And let’s not talk about how much of a problem this causes (for me) when he passes this stuff through his body….ugh. Thank goodness I always have poop bags on me.

Wordless Wednesday | Gimme Sun!

I don’t want to brag, but we had some incredibly sunny and warm days here in Oregon over the past few days. And the best part? These gorgeous days just so happened to fall on a weekend in which we could really soak up all its goodness.

Hikes were taken.

Aimless walks around the city were had (most by the humans, but hey! We matter too….sometimes)

Sunbathing was mandatory.

photo 1

photo 2

Rufus could not be bothered to leave his sunny spot for anything less than treats.

It was glorious, guys.

This sneak peek into warmer days has made us giddy for summer! Oh wait, it’s only February…maybe i’m getting ahead of myself here. :sigh: