Loving a Dog Properly

I witnessed a pretty upsetting conversation/situation the other day at work, and I thought I’d share it here to hopefully get it off my mind a little bit.

I work at a boarding/daycare/training facility for dogs and, for the most part; our clients are super wonderful and absolutely adore their pups.  Most people have to be pretty fond of their animals to spend that kind of money…but anyways…

A new couple came in today for my boss to meet their dog in hopes of boarding him while they went on vacation.  First of all, they were kind of sketchy to say the least.  Second of all, the lady kept talking about how horrible her dog was : he’s destructive, bad with small dogs, and neurotic.  In fact, they made sure to let us know they keep him doped up on prozac for all of his issues…which was odd because the dog seemed totally fine to me.  In fact, he was acting pretty well for being in a new situation with strangers and new dogs.

My boss mentioned that he would be crated overnight, at least until we got to know him and then we could put him into a private area where he could feel more “at home.” However, the man thought this was a horrible idea because he has busted out of several crates and it would be unacceptable to even try this out.  Well, this pissed the lady right off….

“I didn’t want this damn dog in the first place.”
“I didn’t get a dog just to keep me from going on vacation.”
“I refuse to have a dog we can’t board…I mean, what the hell?  This is bullshit.”
“We’re getting rid of him.  Do you want a dog?  I hate this damn dog.”


After they argued amongst themselves and my boss and I stood their flabbergasted, they walked out.

About 30 minutes later (after I had left the front desk), the lady came back alone asking if my boss knew anyone that wanted a dog or where she could get rid of him?  My boss proceeded to tell her that no, she did not know anyone that wanted a dog because dogs are not disposable items.  After a small lecture on the basics of dog ownership, the woman again left angry and irate.

If it had been my place and I had had the resources, I would’ve taken the dog from them right there.  They claim to have adopted him from a rescue, which also blows my mind.  I happen to foster for a rescue, and I’m almost positive that there is no way this couple would’ve been approved to take a dog home…unless they are super awesome liars when interviewed…


This is mostly a ramble with no real solution.  However, it made me hug Rufus a little tighter when I got home and made me even more thankful for all of the wonderful shelters and rescues out there that do put deserving pups into the best of homes.  Rufus and I thank you.

P.S.  Vote for my favorite local rescue here so that they can win lots of dog food for current and future rescue dogs!



7 thoughts on “Loving a Dog Properly

  1. This must have been very frustrating. I’m sure part of you did want to just take the dog away from them, or at least slip them your number and say, casually, “hey, if you ever decide it’s just too much, give me a call and I’ll help you rehome him.”

    I can tell already I’m going to absolutely adore your blog. Thanks for starting up!

  2. Thanks so much for your support! After hemming and hawing, I decided I should just suck it up and make a separate dog blog seeing as that’s what most of my posts are anyway, haha.

  3. smart choice. what is your other blog? i know i read this story before today and i thought i had left a comment, but now i can’t for the life of me figure out whether i’m going crazy or not. help?

  4. That poor dog…I hope he finds his way to a reputable rescue and humans who can appreciate him!

    Thanks for your blog, and look forward to reading more. Connecting with other dogbloggers is inspiring me to intensify my dog fostering/ training/loving efforts even further!

  5. Hiya, just dropping by from Doggerel and wanted to leave a comment
    a) Rufus is adorable, he looks like such a sweetheart! That face 🙂
    b) I really hope the couple in your post found someone to take the dog, otherwise I fear they might have just dumped him somewhere…isn’t i mad, the things people do? I hope the dog is well and happy somewhere!

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