The First Full Day

I decided to scan my computer for some of the first pics we snapped of Rufus, and thought I’d share a little bit of our first full day with this character.

We started fostering Rufus in October of last year.  Before he came to us, the pictures his shelter moms sent us made him look like this large, goofy lab mix:

Also, since he was a stray with zero known history, they named him Brindle Boy.  Not judging, just saying…

Anywho, when we went to pick him up, we found out he was actually closer to the size of a medium to large-ish beagle.  He was all noggin, but still pretty flippin’ adorable.

I can’t believe how small he looks in the above picture!  Even though he was obviously full grown, he has definitely filled out since being with us.  With all of the training treats and exercise he gets, he is no longer this scrawny shelter pup:

Most likely, Rufus started to become depressed at the shelter he sat at for a little over 5 months and lost his appetite.  As much as those ladies adored him and fought for him to find rescue, it’s still a sad place to be for a dog who adores the outdoors as much as this one.


That evening and the next first full day, all he really did was sleep and roll onto his back every single time we approached him.  He was so quiet and submissive, we were beside ourselves with how easy he was!  All of our previous fosters had either been incredibly nervous and anxious, pacing for hours…or nutso puppies jumping off of the walls.  But this guy?  He just wanted a pat on the belly and a soft and comfy place to sleep after spending months on a concrete floor:

Already allowed on the couch?  I know, we’re the worst foster parents ever.  At least we kept him, right??

Really, the only time he seemed to light up was when we would take him for walks around the neighborhood or let him out in the backyard.  He spent most of the time hunting for squirrels and sniffing every square inch of every blade of grass, but it was so nice to see him alert and interested.

Of course, as time went on, we learned there was much, MUCH more to his personality.  However, those first few days were a cakewalk as far as fosters go.  Yep, he had us completely fooled that he was one of the normal ones….hah!  The joke’s on us, folks.

P.S. I promise he’s not obese, this is just the least flattering and most hilarious picture of him ever.


6 thoughts on “The First Full Day

  1. Look at his smile!!! What a cutie – Rufus is definitely a MUCH BETTER name than Brindle Boy…seriously, where do people come up with some of these names??

  2. Haha, agreed. In their defense, I suppose it must be hard to have to name sooooo many dogs that come into their shelter, especially when trying not to repeat too many. I mean…how many Bella’s and Max’s can one shelter produce??

  3. He is really quite handsome. Isn’t it fun to look back at old photos? We did this with Chick’s old photos for our “Chix-a-Lot Friday” post last week, and it was so great.

  4. He is just so cute! And so unique! What a difference a little love makes, eh? It’s hard to believe the two are even the same dog.

    I love the photo of him rubbing his face. My dog does the exact same thing when she is sleepy. So adorable. 🙂

    • I know! We have had him for a little over 9 months now, and little bits of his personality (good and bad) still keep coming out. Just lately, he has gotten these adorable puppy bursts of energy right before bed and does a few laps around the living room, haha.

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