Stylin’ Guy About Town

So, I may not be one of those dog people…you know, the ones that spend more on their pup’s wardrobe than their own?  However, I have found that I really do enjoy finding accessories and hand-crafted items that make my guy look just a little bit more fancy.  I also think it’s fun to pick out pieces that match his personality in a way…

The first “specialized” item I ever bought him after we knew we were going to adopt him was this collar.  While his collar from the shelter was perfectly fine, I just wanted something to signify he was now ours.  Since we’re always calling him our “grumpy old man” (despite him being a mere three years-old), I only thought it was fitting to dress him up in argyle. I found this collar at Petco in their “eco-friendly” line.

Next up? An ID tag, of course!

I found this company, Hattie Rex, through another dog blog I read, Foster Dogs in NYC.  I loved how personalized and truly handmade the tags looked, and I couldn’t resist.  Of course, the second tag has my full phone number on it.

As you can see, the addition of this tag to his daily outfit made Rufus EXTRA pompous and proud.

And my latest “big” purchase was a dog bed.  I wanted something that fit our style while also not being a big splurge since I wasn’t sure if he’d even use it.  I found this on Amazon, and I’m really happy with it.  Surprisingly, Rufus even has his moments when he picks his own bed over ours.  Success!

Click HERE if you’d like a better look at the design.  Rufus is not a chewer or drooler, so the off-white color is not a big deal to us.   He also doesn’t seem to mind the semi-feminine design.  In fact, I think it suits him quite well.

On top of all this, he’s been spoiled with a ton of toys, all-natural dog treats and food, dog-friendly camping and outdoor gear, and an array of leashes.  I would say this guy lives a pretty sweet life.  All while looking like the fancy gentleman he is.

Whoops.  Back on the couch.


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