The First Year.

One year ago today, we met Anna in a college parking lot to pick up or 9th foster through OTAT.  He was scrawny and terrified, but I was pretty sure he’d be snatched up asap due to his chill personality and beautiful coat.

Who, me?

2 days into fostering, I was smitten but held back making a permanent decision knowing that I’d fallen for plenty of dogs before him.

You owe me. Big time.

5 months later, I realized he wasn’t going anywhere.  He’s grumpy, kind of a jerk, and incredibly gassy.  I can’t imagine waking up to any other dogs’ horrible breath directly in my face every morning.  We love you, Rutabaga.

Oh!  And we are making this a dual welcome home/birthday celebration since we will never know when the Ru-man was actually born.  So, Happy 3rd, 4th or 5th birthday to my wonderful dude!

P.S. I promise no baths or ear cleanings on your special day.

Oh no. The bathtub room!


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