The Warm-up

I went to meet a few potential fosters today, and the experience was overwhelming to say the least.

The truth is, I decided to reach out to a few rescues closer to home as the rescue we used to foster for is based out of Chicago, and we are out in the ‘burbs.  This bit of distance puts a damper on the little things like attending adoption events, fundraisers, etc.  Making time to drive into the city often takes an entire day out of us, while attending adoption events closer to home can often be done in a short afternoon.

While I absolutely ADORE our original rescue (they gave us Rufus, after all), I thought it may just make more sense to branch out a little. So long story short, I went on my own to meet some potential fosters.  This rescue is absolutely at capacity with dogs in need, and they are all going a little kennel crazy.  As overwhelming as it was, I did meet a few dogs that may be a good fit for Rufus, so we’ll see what happens on our second trip when Mr. Grumpy Pants accompanies me.

Not to jinx anything, but I may have fallen in love with a young lady full of love and this little guy, who may just be a genius:


…stay tuned!


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