I Work Hard For The Money

When I’m not hanging out with my own dog and my friends’ dogs…oh, and shelter dogs, I spend my weekdays hanging out with other people’s dogs. Yep, that’s right.

Hi, my name’s Vanessa and I’m a crazy dog lady.

I’m joking (kinda), but I do work at a daycare and boarding facility, and I love it most of the time.  It’s not a career, but I’m having a lot of fun while I figure out my next step.  In short, we are a cage-free daycare, boarding, grooming and training facility.  I get to play with, chase, cuddle, and/or wrangle dogs all day long.

Working here has actually taught me a lot.  There are certain breeds that I never really knew too much about, and now I get to experience them first-hand.  It’s also really cool to see all of the similar traits that one breed of dog has.  Of course not every single dog within a breed is exactly the same, but they definitely have similarities.

The boxers?  A little bossy, pushy, but really hilarious with big ol’ hearts.

The rat terriers/jack russels? Just nuts.  Seriously.  Yikes.

The australian shepherds?  Herders (obviously), incredibly high energy, and most of them try to be the boss in the room.

Our dobermans?  Velcro dogs, surprisingly sensitive, and a little socially awkward.  This breed is actually one that I never really cared for one way or another, and now?  Oh my goodness, I would love to have one as a companion!  They’re some of my favorites at work.

…and so on.

It really has been a learning experience, but there are also some surprises.  For instance, we have a lot of trouble with mouthiness, rough play, and reactivity when it comes to our golden retrievers!  This is so weird considering I grew up with a few, and they were the most gentle and wonderful socializers.  Of course we also have a couple of goldens that couldn’t be more perfect.  You know how it goes…

And now I leave you with a few pictures of some of my favorite co-workers:

Jasmine (australian shepherd/cattle dog mix) – she may just be my second favorite dog in the entire world.  She takes awhile to warm up to new people and dogs, but when she does, she is so loyal and fun.  She loves to play, has a bit of a ‘tude, and cannot get enough of being chased around the room while she hogs the tennis ball.

Archie (cattle dog/???) – another guy who takes a bit to warm up, but is such a sweetie when he finally does.  He occasionally gets a case of the zoomies, and he also happens to loathe the groomer.  He’s never aggressive, but he does try to “bark” her to death.

Alice (on the left – purebred Australian Shepherd) – oh my goodness.  Alice is one of those dogs you either adore or can’t stand.  She is incredibly high energy, and her confidence is almost intimidating.  But oh my gosh, she is so gorgeous.  I happen to be one of those that absolutely adores this dog.  I can’t resist a lady with some confidence, and she is whip smart.

So there you have it.  If you couldn’t tell, I happen to prefer the dogs that take a little winning over.  This may be because I like a challenge, but it’s also worked out really well as they’re all wonderful dogs worth knowing.


2 thoughts on “I Work Hard For The Money

  1. I am also a self-professed (and often declared by others,) crazy dog lady. I am jealous you really get to spend all your time with dogs! I have a cubicle job and frequently think how happy my dogs would be if I could just bring them in to sit under my desk all day. I think they’d be delighted to do so as long as they got some pets during the day =) But better yet– I’d love to WORK with dogs all day!

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