A New Girl In Town

Thursday afternoon, I busted this pretty girl out of the slammer:

Her name is (currently) October.  She is a 2-3 yr. old pit mix, and she’s the sweetest.  She has spent the last year of her life being passed around to various kennels – first a county shelter, then a sketchy “rescue” kennel (a place in which she proceeded to lose about 1o lbs and acquired a few skin infections), and then ended up with Lucky Dog Rescue based out of Chicago.

I love the smell of freedom!

While Lucky Dog has the best intentions, they just don’t have the community support or foster homes it takes to rescue and place as many dogs as they are pulling from the shelter.  I walked into the kennel the non-foster rescues were staying at, and it was packed.  There were easily 30 rescues there.  Overwhelmed, I ended up staying for almost 5 hrs and walking and cuddling as many dogs as I could. While I would have loved to foster a few spunky dogs I met, she had the best demeanor for my own grumpy Rufus.

Oh no, they're almost touching!

So far, Rufus is only tolerating her.  The first night, we used the tie-down method thanks to tips from Love and a Leash.  This worked wonderfully – and Rufus seemed to get that she wasn’t taking over.  While they have had a few very short play sessions, I think her energy level is just too much for Rufus, and he gets overwhelmed with her bounciness very easily.  He can be a bit vocal with his feelings, and she gets the point quickly.

That being said, she’s a doll.  She listens very well, sleeps well in her crate (a little whining last night, but settled down quickly), and she really does mean well.  She knows when to chill out, and takes wonderful naps.  I couldn’t ask for a better girl.

Tomorrow I am taking her into work for a quick bath with our groomer (I could bathe her myself, but our groomer only charges $5 for fosters, so I’m taking full advantage!)

Some Issues we need to work on?

-Walking on a leash

-Some fearfulness with new sounds and strangers (she can be timid, but warms up easily.  Considering she’s been in a kennel for a year or more?  She’s doing extremely well)

-Weight loss – she’s been getting 3 cups a day plus treats when she’s only getting walked 3 or 4 times a week.  Needless to say, she needs to lose a couple.

That’s my update so far – more pictures and info to come!


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