The Good & The Bad

So here’s the bad news: after five days of fostering October, I realized I made some rookie mistakes when picking out our first foster dog for Rufus.

1. Mismatched energy levels (not a huge deal, but in this case, she was extremely overwhelming for Rufus because…)

2. Dominance issues.  October wanted to be the alpha very, very badly.  Surprisingly, Rufus started to become fearful of her pushiness and even started to shut down around her.  He would keep himself from getting excited, because whenever he did, she would “correct” his excitement.  It took us by surprise because our guy usually doesn’t give in so easily.

3. Although she is dog tolerant, she is not “dog-friendly” – while we could have managed her interactions with Rufus while fostering, the truth is we couldn’t have kept this up long-term.  I knew going into this that she would be a long-term foster, so separating them constantly and keeping them calm is not an option for our small living space and busy schedules.  Not to mention we share a yard with our upstairs neighbor who also happens to own a female dog that October reacted very poorly to upon meeting her.

Ugh….it was incredibly heartbreaking to have to return her, but I am comforted by the fact that she is safe in a rescue and now I can tell people how great her people and house manners truly are!  I plan on continuing my volunteer work with Lucky Dog, and I will be showing October at adoptions events in hopes to find her forever people (or a better foster fit).

The Good News?

1. It turns out Rufus does enjoy the company of another dog in his home.  Every morning, he greeted her at her crate with enthusiastic tail wags.  Then he remembered how bossy she is as the day wore on..haha.

2. I found a rescue I could really have fun working with, and I plan on becoming much more involved with them (and possibly finding a better foster fit?)

3. Even if we don’t find a good foster fit through them, we will be fostering again!  Also, we have already decided that the first foster Rufus falls for will most likely be our second pup.  Let’s face it..he’s not an easy guy to please.

:sigh: So there you have it folks…a little bit of failure, but a whole lotta hope.  And now I leave you with a couple of brindle cuties:


Note: October is an incredibly sweet and well-behaved dog.  She is houstrained, crate trained, and aims to please.  She would be a great fit as an only dog for a wonderful family looking to add a little spice to their life.  If you think you have the perfect home for this adorable girl, please pass this info along (or contact me and I can direct you to the people in charge)!


5 thoughts on “The Good & The Bad

  1. I know it must be hard to realize that your foster is not the right fit in your home, but you need to keep in mind the sanity of your own dog – no one will fault you for that! I hope you find another foster that fits in better very soon! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words – I was feeling a little defeated, but I’m excited to get back to fostering! Even though we had her a short time, I really did enjoy training her on how to be a house dog and the extra dog smooches, haha.

  3. So sorry about having to return your first foster prematurely. I just started reading your blog (love it), but feel I can already connect on a lot of levels. Fostering is difficult and you always have to consider your own dogs well being before a new foster. I am sure you will find another dog that will fit perfectly. Just beware-the better the fit into your house the easier to keep them! Sometimes having a few annoying quirks is great so it is a bit easier to let them go 🙂

    • I know you can relate to “too perfect” of a fit 😉 While we are not actively seeking out a forever dog, it is in our radar – I definitely want Rufus to have a permanent sibling. Hopefully our next forever dog will be super flexible so that we can continue to foster once we own a home. Just dreaming out loud!

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