We Won!

Well, kinda.  Thanks to a bunch of wonderful people, Rufus and his lady friend (Macy) won third place in the Valentine’s Day Photo Contest c/o Fido To Go!

The wonderful Donna who runs the food truck made a special delivery on Valentine’s Day, and our pups were more than happy to receive their goodies.  Included in the little take-out boxes were peanut butter cookies, a rice crispy treat, a cheese-wrapped bully stick, and then there was the cake!  Oh goodness, how spoiled could they be??  Now for your viewing pleasure, some adorkable pictures:

The lovebirds admiring their yums!

"Leave it!"

Dig in!

Mmm...frosting hounds!


Donna informed me that all of the ingredients are gluten-free and sugar-free, and a lot of it os organic.  I couldn’t recommend her and her business more.  Such a great experience!


P.S. I promise to have a Teeny update by the end of the weekend!  We are still getting to know this little beefcake, but I definitely have some tidbits to share.


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