Getting to know you!

Hello, world!


It has been 11 days since we brought Miss Teeny into our home, so I thought it was about time for an update!


First things first?  She’s just the cutest little pittie with this compact body that makes people swoon.

Teeny has a big ol’ heart and has the best intentions.  She is a cuddle bug, and she really loves her foster brother.

Rufus: "ugh...puppies."

She is constantly watching Rufus for cues on how to be brave, how to behave, and just how to be a family dog.

We are still working on some mouthiness issues, when to leave her grumpy foster brother alone, potty training (she is crate trained!), and giving people and dogs personal space – she really likes to be up in everything, haha.


Other than that, she’s such a sweetie and is searching for the perfect home to take her under their wing!  Is this the pup for you?


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