Monday Fun-day

After a quick and super early morning shift at work (5 am should be illegal!), I arrived home to some bored little faces…

Hey, foster mom? I'm bored.

Even though I had planned to take advantage of this much-needed free time to catch up on some reading, cleaning, and napping, I could not resist the cuteness that is the pittieful puppy face:

I'm so bored, I could cry!

Being the sucker that I am, I totally caved.


We ran, we played, we ate sticks!  It was a wonderful little play session, despite the 33 degree weather.

Teeny is caught off guard that her foster brother actually caught up to her in a game of chase!

And then we sunbathed… in the winter….because, you know, dogs don’t let something like cold weather keep them from getting their tan on!

After all that romping and rolling, these two were in need of a bath BIG TIME! Oh goodness. Stay tuned…


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