My Little Savage

I never really knew I could love a dog this much.

Rufus lounging in the mud.

Sure, I have been a crazy dog lady all of my life.  Sure, I have doted on and adored all of my dogs growing up as well as every single foster dog that has entered (and exited) my life.  All of those wonderful creatures have made me the dog advocate and lover that I am today, but Rufus?  Well, Rufus is just on a level all his own.

This gushing is not coming out of nowhere.  No, there is a point to this post other than going on and on (and on) about my guy.

Recently I have realized just how much of my everyday life revolves around him.  Not only on a basic level: walks, feeds, basic training, etc., but most of my interests are also related to bonding with my dog.

This past year has been eye opening as far as what I truly love as I learn more about myself as an adult. While I have many creative interests, my dog-related interests have grown leaps and bounds. Not only have I continued my love for training and bonding with my current fosters and Rufus, but I find myself wanting to do more with them in my down-time.

Upon getting to know Rufus, I realized just how much of an “outdoors-y” guy he is.  While I like to think I have always had some sort of interest in camping and hiking, it wasn’t until Rufus that I really branched out and started living up to my potential, in a way.  Now I so look forward to our weekend trips to various forest preserves, hiking and watching Rufus have a blast off-leash.  He loves to sniff and get dirty, and I love that about him.  His calm indoor demeanor  goes out the window, and he becomes my little savage – and I mean that in the most endearing way possible.

I am looking forward to so many hiking trips, road trips, and getting to see him branch out even more in his element.  I am so excited to take this journey with my constant companion, and share it here on this little blog.  And of course, I am sure you will be seeing some foster faces accompanying us as well…if Rufus allows it.  Kidding. Kinda.

But first?  We must master his recall.  While he’s not too shabby, he certainly has room for improvement.  Another command on my wishlist? “With Me.”  Thanks to Jenny over at Of Pitbulls & Patience, I am so excited at the possibility of having Rufus heel by my side when needed (rocky areas, dogs passing, dangerous plants).  As long as his hound nose doesn’t get him into too much trouble…

"Silly mom. If it smells, I must sniff. And roll. And stink."

A girl can dream, right?


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