Romancing The Kong

Look, ma! No hands!

What am I, some kind of animal? I empty my kong like a gentleman.

Kongs are a wonderful, wonderful invention.  I always enjoy watching how different fosters/dogs approach this new-to-them mechanism.  Teeny is a champion!  She chews, throws, and licks every single bit of goodness out of her heavy duty kong.

Rufus on the other hand?  Well, let’s just say he’s a gentle soul underneath all of that grumpiness.  He gives up pretty easily if we pack it with actual treats, so we stick to frozen peanut butter, yogurt, and other lick-able foods.

I also had one foster who refused to touch her kong.  Poor thing.  She could smell all of the yummy goodness that it was stuffed with, but just didn’t get the point.  She’d just stare at you and whine.  And whine and whine.

Oh, dogs.


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