Have a Happy Stinkin’ Weekend!

Busy-Body, Bossy Lady, Big Noggin'.

Here’s wishing you a very happy Easter weekend!

Rufus would like you to know that his weekend started off with a bang – he managed to find the largest, furriest, deadest mystery animal at the park COVERED with maggots.  Before I even knew what was happening, he had immersed himself in all of the stinky goodness (to a dog, of course) that is dead animal and filth by rolling around like a possessed beast.  I could not get him to stop, and had to physically remove him from the situation.  Barf.

Ugh…so gross, folks.  So freaking gross.

What'd I do??

That’s ok.  I got the last laugh when I gave him two baths back-to-back.  Take that, hound dog!


3 thoughts on “Have a Happy Stinkin’ Weekend!

    • Max is my friend’s dog, and much like Badger, they have heard everything, haha. She thinks he probably has some border collie in him, and then something much smaller – maybe chihuahua? Who knows? Mutts are the best tho, aren’t they?

  1. That is extra gross! I’m sorry you had to deal with that – I hope you walk to the dog park, not drive! Maggie had three baths in one week, all in the morning before work, but no dead animals yet. She’s a little quicker to find the gross stuff than Duke, so I can usually stop him from diving in.

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