Workin’ It

The life of a foster dog is a pretty cushy set-up.  A soft bed, top-notch food, peanut butter kongs, treats galore, and lots of rad adventures!  Not to mention all of the cuddling and super love.

This weekend, I let Teeny try out Ru’s backpack, and it really seemed to do the trick.  I’ve read a lot about backpacks and how they can keep your dog focused on a “job”, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Wait...nobody said I had to work! There better be treats involved.


During our walk, she seemed less stimulated by every single sight and sound, and she even crashed extra hard when we got home!  Double bonus!

After all of this, I definitely deserve bed privileges!


Yeah, she didn’t even make it to the front door before she plopped down for a rest.

I can only express my personal experience, but I really do think this is a nice little tool for dogs who may be reactive  on-leash or hard to wear out in general.  Not to mention this one was a whopping $14 at Petco!  Not too shabby.


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