Dog Haul

Just a quick weekend post full of some current dog-related purchases….(please forgive the stock photography – I haven’t had time to snap my own pictures of said items…or maybe I’m just being lazy?  You’ll never know…ok, you probably know).

First up, a backpack upgrade:

REI Ultra Dog Pack

Even though I just purchased a nylon backpack from Petco a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist purchasing one of REI’s ridiculously higher quality models, especially when it went on sale (also, the Petco version is already tearing at the mesh seam…ugh).  This pack is top notch, and it fits Rufus like a glove.  I couldn’t recommend this one enough!



Rubit Carabiner Dog Tag Clip

A great investment for the dog with an eclectic wardrobe.  It sounds a little ridiculous, but Rufus has quite the collection of collars: seasonally themed, special occasions (bowtie included!), everyday casual, and his “outdoor” collar (i.e. durable and somewhat stink-proof, i.e. will be washed several thousand times).  This little clip makes it super easy to transfer your dog’s tags onto whichever collar he or she is “feeling” that day.



Sentry Natural Defense Flea & Tick Spray

It’s that time of year, and I’ve already read many reports that ticks are supposed to be out in full force this year (both Teeny and I have already been attacked)!  On top of monthly applications, this spray works as a little extra backup.  I have yet to use this, so check back for a follow-up review.



Sprong Dog Toy

Squeaky, fuzzy, semi-durable goodness.  Rufus absolutely adores this toy – he lightly gnaws on it, will play a little fetch, and carries it diligently around the house to keep it away from his foster sister.  It also floats, which is a great added bonus!  I don’t think this toy could hold up to those professional chewers (I’m looking at you, foster pup), but it’s great for the more gentle-jawed canine.

And last but not least…:


Best Bully Sticks - Braided 6 in.

I have been a loyal believer in bully sticks for awhile now, but I just thought I’d share in case someone out there has not heard of these magical (albeit disgusting)….things.  These are the only chews I have found that do not disrupt my dogs’ stomachs.  Rufus is surprisingly sensitive to foreign ingredients, and often gets diarrhea from dental chews and other long lasting treats.  However, bully sticks and deer antlers really are a life saver for both pups, and I have never noticed a change in his stool, and trust me – I study that stool like only a crazy dog parent would.


These are just a few of the items I’ve splurged on recently.  I’m currently in the market for a new leash, but haven’t decided if I want to wait for Sirius Republic’s upcoming D-ring leash or go for a hands-free option.  Has anyone out there tried a version of either of these?  If so, what are you thoughts?  Critiques?

Here’s to the weekend!

*Side note: click on the pictures to view original sources.  


6 thoughts on “Dog Haul

    • They come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes, so it depends. For a small 6 inch, Rufus usually finished one in 45 minutes while Teeny is a pro and can destroy it in 20. They have 12 inch, braided, and even one that is wrapped around a hollow bone. Take your pick 🙂

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  2. Oh, I’m excited to find the Sprong toy, that looks awesome! And the Rubit, i cannot live without it! It’s a must for those of us with an addiction to buying collars.

    • Please do your dog a favor and DO NOT buy any Sprong dog toys.
      I have 2 mini dachshunds, both under 9 lbs and within a minute of giving them this toy the foam fell apart. This toy can cause blockage in your dog’s stomach and is a serious choking hazard.. I have may several attempts to reach the Sprong company (R2P Pets) but have yet to hear back from them

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