A Mother’s Love

I lost my own mother just a month after I turned 18.  While I miss her every single day of my life, I am so very grateful for all that she taught me in our short time together.  She was incredibly supportive, hilarious, caring, and truly my best friend.  She was the best mom I could have ever imagined for myself.

My own dogs growing up, Loki and Harley (both passed a few years ago, just months apart). The one on the right? He was my mother’s heart and soul.

Even though I don’t have kids of my own (yet?), my mom instilled in me an adoring love for animals.  Specifically, we were/are both dog-crazy.  I was the little kid that was constantly searching for a furry companion, no matter where we were – relatives’ houses, vacations, walking around the neighborhood, etc.  I just couldn’t keep myself away.  I searched them out, and they flocked to me.

Mother’s Day is a hard day for me, but it gets easier every passing year.  Now that I am a (forever and foster) dog mom, I feel that absolute unconditional love for the dogs I care for.  And while many people may argue that you don’t know real unconditional love until you have your own human children (and I’m not arguing with that), I can’t help but laugh to myself – it gets better than this?  We’ll just see about that…

Clockwise From Top Left: Rufus, Teeny, Marino, Lola

I love this quote from Ashley over at Lucky Dog Rescue Blog:

“Loving, nurturing, raising, protecting, defending, teaching, guiding, caring, and providing for a “child”… every single day… no matter what…
That’s what makes you a mother.

Loving them so much… that you’re willing to placetheir needs well-above your own…
That’s what makes you a mother.

Loving them so unconditionally… that there’s simply nothing they could ever do to sway your devotion from them…
That’s what makes you a mother.

Doing all of these things… to the very best of your ability… every moment you’re alive…
That’s what makes you a mom.

I don’t care what anyone says…
Trust me… 
I’m a mom.

Ask any of my dogs…
They’ll tell you…
I’m a mom.”

Happy Dog Mom’s Day to all of you deserving pet parents out there!  You are surely a gift to the special animals in your life.  


3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. You are a mom, and a wonderful one at that! I feel the same way about my mother, and I hugged her extra today after reading your post. Your words were lovely.

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