Rufus Down Under

No, we are not moving to Australia. The “down under” pun is instead referring to the current state of my poor, doped-up pooch:

So sad and pathetic.


In preparation of our upcoming move/road trip, we decided it’d be best for Rufus to have a few procedures done by his current vet we’ve grown to trust and respect while we’re still around the Chicago ‘burbs.  This included a full teeth cleaning as well as having a few bumps removed: a wart/skin tag and an odd cyst that almost looked like a blood blister:

Brindle to the core!


We just arrived back home about an hour ago, and the poor guy is definitely still feeling the drugs.  He will go to bed tonight with no dinner, but hopefully he’ll be feeling a little bit more like himself in the morning.  Now let’s just hope he forgives me by then as well….


2 thoughts on “Rufus Down Under

  1. Oh those eyes! While I hate, hate, hate any procedure where they go under, the snuggling is the best of all medicines afterwards. Hope he heals super speedy (and I’m pretty sure you are forgiven already)!

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