Times, They Are A-Changin’

In just 7 short days (plus some road trip time), Alex, Rufus and I will be calling this beautiful view “home”:

…just a little to the South.

Well technically we will be just south of the city – we just can’t seem to keep ourselves away from the beautiful ‘burbs of America.  What can I say? We love all of the amenities of city life, but we also love our space.

Oh!  And just in case you’re a little lost, let’s just say my lucky number is 7 😉


10 thoughts on “Times, They Are A-Changin’

    • Really?? It would be so great to know a familiar face! And start a dog walking group?? 😉 Actually I’m sure they already have a zillion, so maybe just join one or two haha.

      • Yes! I saw they already have a once-a-month dog walking group (Portland Pit Bull Parade I think) but I would be down for starting a more regular one…I just need to find a job there first. What made you decide to move there?

      • Alex had the option of transferring for his job, and we totally jumped on it when we heard the Portland area was an option! It’s somewhere we’ve always talked about “trying out”, and we’re pretty excited but also crazy overwhelmed as it happened pretty fast.

        P.S. Thanks so much for the FB shout-out 🙂 Much appreciated!

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to live, wow what a view! Wishing you all safe travels, and enjoy settling in.

  2. Awesome! More Oregon-based bloggers to follow! I love reading people’s blogs, no matter where they live, but it is always fun when more people come to live in Oregon too.

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