Still Alive…


In case you were wondering, all is well and we are still getting our “stuff” together, so to speak.  Here’s a little update of what’s going on in our neck of the woods:

-We are done with hotel living!  Hotels are fun and all, but two-ish weeks is my limit.

-We are currently living in a townhouse for the next two and a half weeks until we OFFICIALLY move into our permanent location at the end of June.  This means that we are still living out of a few boxes and bags, and our computer is still packed away, so blogging is going to be a little spotty for awhile longer..

-We have spent a whole lotta time in Portland eating tons of vegetarian goodies, catching up with friends and hiking around with Mr. Rufus.

-We went to the ocean, and it was wonderful!  Rufus got to run around in the sand and tried his hardest not to be terrified of the waves.  I think the guy prefers less “aggressive” water.

-Lots of job searching for me and working for Alex now that our mini-vacation is over, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I am employed sooner rather than later!

-We are actually living just outside of Portland (it’s about a 15-minute drive, so no big deal), and I’m loving our town.  There’s a great vegetarian-friendly restaurant with outdoor seating, a super cute library, and plenty of little shops to explore.

-I may do a mini-traveling series, as our dog just survived a 4-day road trip as well as two weeks sleeping in various hotels, so he’s kind of a pro now.  What do you think?  Does that interest anyone?

And now a few super adorable photos of Rufus, the traveling mutt:

My handsome men at Antelope Island.

Taking a break from our mega-hike. The dude needed some shade bad!

Moss is our friend now.

Thanks for sticking with us, folks!


10 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. I would love that series! Also, I have been doing some travel for work this week and just about every magazine I have read has a ‘spotlight on Portland’ article in it. I think of you guys every time!

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