Friday Finds!

First of all, sorry YET AGAIN For the gap in posts.  We are officially moved into our permanent residence (well, for at least the next 357 days).  Everything is put away, the internet is up and running, and life can get back to normal…ish.  Yay!

Of course there is still a ton to do – I have a few DIY projects in the works (refinishing our dresser and record player stand), and our mini yard needs to be fenced in (the landlord’s job) and grass needs to be planted.  However, thanks to very green Oregon ,it shouldn’t be long until we have a lawn instead of a bunch of mud.  Double yay!

All of that aside, I thought it would be fun to have a day devoted to my favorite find(s) of the week.  I do a lot of online shopping/browsing, and 85% of that is dog-related.  The items I share will range from decor to gear to possibly even awesome locations I find around my new homeland.  Sound good?  I hope so!

First up, I found these adorable little painting prints on Etsy via Tiny Confessions:

I often believe Rufus is hiding a little basset in him somewhere…

The sweetest!

I love the herding group x10.



There are quite a few more prints over at the store if you’re interested – many of them similar to these.  Moving into a new place has me in full-on nesting mode, and I would love to hang a few of these up in our new home.  I’m partial to the chihuahua print – I mean have you ever read a more accurate dog phrase??


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