Pup In The Tub

When I found out that a vet clinic close to our new home also offered a self-service dog wash, I got pretty darn excited.  And on Wednesdays, any dog of any size only costs $10?  Count us in!

We jogged the 1 mile to work up a sweat before sudsing up.  As you can see, Rufus was quite the trooper:

Look at me being a good boy. Now where’s my treat, lady?

I would’ve totally gotten a picture of our blowdrying shenanigans, but he’s a little more terrified during that portion, so I decided to spare him the humiliation.

I’ve washed him in a professional tub twice before, and it’s just so much easier than washing him at home.  We will definitely be going back.  On Wednesdays, of course.

Basking in his post-bath handsomeness.


6 thoughts on “Pup In The Tub

  1. I’ve heard that a doggy stuff store in my neighborhood discounts self serve washes for foster pups, but I am 100% certain Charlie Machete would not be as good as Cooper appears to have been!

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