Friday Finds!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to a local and magical pet supply store I discovered in my new city:

The Holistic Pet Center – “The Health Food Store For Dogs”

I wanted to pick up some specialty items for Rufus, so I went searching for pet stores close to me.  Found just 5 miles away, this place exceeded my expectations.  This little store is absolutely PACKED with goodies.  I was able to pick up a new bag of high quality dog food, raw goat’s milk, raw bones, and some salmon oil for my guy.  Not only did they have everything, but the prices were incredibly reasonable. Oh, and the most important part: the staff was knowledgable and super friendly.

Even though this store will only appeal to those of you who may be in the Portland, OR and surrounding area, I also think it’s a great reminder to always shop locally when you can.  Many cities, big and small, now have stores similar to this one offering only the best for your pets.  Sometimes you gotta search a little, but it’s always worth it.

It is possible I may be visiting this place far too often.  I fear for my bank account…


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds!

  1. Score! Finding your new go-to places is such an important part of settling in, finding this place checks one thing off the list! We have a place like that here, called DogGone Natural. Love it!

    • Agreed. Our first order(s) of business in any new location: new favorite coffee shop, pizza place, Mexican food, pet store. Oh, and a close-by park for Rufus to run around in. So far we’ve got them all but the pizza place…it’s been rough trying them all to find the best 😉

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