Longing for Some Madness.

In case you were wondering, my birthday was over the weekend.  No big deal really, I’m not into a whole lot of “me” attention.  That’s not supposed to sound overly modest, it’s just the truth.

However, it’s always nice to know that someone is thinking of you.  In my case, this usually means thinking of my dog AND me instantaneously.  You know, because we’re basically attached at the hip.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I walked out to the mailbox yesterday morning and found this package from one of my favorite people/co-workers ever:

Chock full of love!

Even though it was my birthday, Rufus cannot go ignored…not even for a day.  No one knows this better than Jackie.  

Two thoughtful portraits of Sir Rufus, some yummy treats, and a new toy!

Not pictured: a very heartwarming card signed by all of my previous co-workers.

Even though I’m not homesick (yet), I do think about the people I miss often.  It can be very jarring to move across the country, but I’ve found it even harder to realize my daily schedule is just….gone.  Almost every single weekend, I could count on trips to the park and forest preserves with my friend and her dogs.  I worked almost full-time, and I saw the same people daily.  It was a cozy existence.  Of course, the scenery is breathtaking out here, so I’m not complaining – hikes are more fun and the air is not so humid.  But I can’t deny that I miss the companionship.

Muddy buddies!

I even received some pictures of two of my favorite ladies back in the Chicago ‘burbs via text:

Studios Alice – my little spitfire.


Sincere Taffy – full of smarts with the biggest heart.

It may sound totally bizarre, but I miss the chaos of working with dogs on a daily basis.  The bickering, the wrestling, the hyperactivity, and even one basset hound’s incessant barking….ok, I’m totally lying about that last one.  I don’t miss that lowrider’s vocal abilities at all.

Don’t let his sad hound face fool you.




13 thoughts on “Longing for Some Madness.

  1. Good friends are good, but good friends with dogs are the best. What a great care package from Jackie. I’m enjoying her blog and have added it to my list. Happy birthday to you, the first of many in your new home. Wishing you some madness, since I guess that’s what you want?!

  2. That looks like a great birthday gift to have received!

    My birthday was over the weekend as well. One of my cousins sent me an Elka portrait!

  3. First of all….happy birthday! Second of all….if I can actually get out to Portland sometime in the near future (I’m trying! I’m trying!), we can totes go to the park with our dogs together. 🙂

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