Canine Houseguests: Take 2

As you may recall, we had one of many furry houseguests a few weeks ago.  This week?  We had not one but TWO non-human visitors.

One of my friends went back to Michigan to visit family and attend her big brother’s wedding.  She kindly asked if we would watch her pets for the week, and we were up for the challenge.

This feline lady is Mitty.  She spends most of the day hiding in our extra large closet, but comes out at night to romp around with her dog brother and sit next to our screen door enjoying the breeze:

Hanging out with some tents and our water heater. What a weirdo.

Once upon a time, I was crazy about my own cat, but I am so out of practice. Cats are a little foreign to me, and I find myself trying to play with her like a dog. Whoops.  Mitty is super cool and friendly with everyone, so she’s easy to live with.  However, she doesn’t appreciate Rufus getting all up in her business, so I let her teach him a lesson or two 😉

And then there’s Mr. Moose:

His little brain goes about a mile a minute – hilarity ensues.

Moose is a 2 yr. old boston terrier/ dachshund/ min pin mix.  He has separation anxiety, but he’s been really good while staying with us.  I make sure to give him plenty of exercise and playtime so that he’s all ready to rest while we are at work.  So far, we haven’t had any noise complaints from the neighbors or chewing incidents.  Hooray!

It reached close to 100 degrees today in good ol’ Oregon, so we decided to visit one of my favorite close-by spots, Mary S. Young Park:

Off of the mini island, you can go for a dip or jump off the docks. So gorgeous.

We went for a short hike through the woods to get to the water, and both of them waded around for a bit, played some chase, and even hung out with two golden retrievers.  Moose can be a little anxious around new dogs, but he has awesome recall, so he stuck close by me.  Rufus gave it his best to flirt with the female retriever, but she was more interested in swimming and playing fetch with her dog walker.  :sigh:  At least he tried his best, right?

Moose worries that the water might eat him, but Rufus eases his nerves.

A game of chase: notice my dog has the tennis ball in his mouth. This never happens.

“Ugh…put that click-y thing away, lady.”

One last chance to get their feet wet before we headed back.

I packed up the soggy, exhausted dogs and it was back home again to enjoy some r&r and frozen kongs (and a tropical smoothie for the human).  It’s been a good day off, if I do say so myself.



8 thoughts on “Canine Houseguests: Take 2

  1. WHAT!? How is this possible? I’ve been to Mary S Young before and the only water I found was a teensy tiny, overcrowded access to water. That, of course, was not before a short hike down a big hill. Getting back up that incline was not fun. Not in the least. Where is this lovely blue lagoon you found?! The more places Elli practices swimming, the more confident she’ll be. 🙂

    • It’s kind of hard to explain, especially for someone with no sense of direction. There’s a strip of shore that isn’t too far from the big stairs you take to go down (not sure if you know what I’m talking about). You pass a mini waterfall, and it’s right there. It was pretty slow today because it was a weekday morning, but I’ve also been able to find a semi-secluded spot during the weekend.

      There’s also a bridge that is only open part of the year that leads to the island. You take a short little trail and come off into this great swimming area with a bunch of docks. Very cool! I’m not sure how much longer the island will be open, but it’s worth it to go asap.

  2. Wow! What a lovely excursion!! The photo of Mr. Moose’s tongue and the click-y photo of Rufus are awesome! Also, in my head, Oregon was cooler. I thought you’d be in fleeces by now.

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