Friday(ish) Finds!!

You guys!  We found a wonderful vet out here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not only is the practice within walking distance of our house, but it is run by two female veterinarians who couldn’t be sweeter and more understanding of my growling and grumpy dude.

Even though Rufus growls, he is actually very well-behaved.  He would never bite, and he stays super still for shots and exams in general.  They filled him up with a ton of treats, so that won him over pretty fast as well.

But yeah, so one of the vets specializes in holistic medicine and is also certified in acupuncture!  This is very exciting for me.  Even though we liked his vet back in Illinois, I didn’t have much say in the matter as he was a client of Alex’s, so he won by default haha.  Meaning…he cut us some deals, ya’ll 😉  Who’s going to argue with that? ?

All joking aside, I think all of us dog parents understand the value of a vet that we trust and that only has the best intentions for our pets.

Oh!  And one of the first questions they asked me is what kind of food I feed my dog.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never been asked that before….which is kinda ridiculous, right?  They had a bunch of samples and pamphlets from a few of the natural dog food stores and boutiques around us as well, so they got bonus points for supporting local businesses.  Overall, I am very pleased with my choice and it gives me a little piece of mind to know my pup will be well taken care of if need be.

I don’t have any pictures to share of our mini adventure, so I’ll leave you with one that portrays just how Rufus felt about the whole ordeal:

Not pleased.



9 thoughts on “Friday(ish) Finds!!

  1. I feel like finding the right vet, one that is on the journey with you, is key not only to well-being but for peace of mind. Walking distance and acupuncture too, jackpot!!

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