(Not really) Wordless Wednesdays (Where have I been??)

Hey strangers!  It seems as though I have abandoned this little blog, but that’s just not the case.  Life around here has been somewhat busy, and schedules have been completely changed.  For the most part, I am working a very early morning shift at work.  While I absolutely love being off by 2:30, I’m also just a little more exhausted at this time while my body and sleep schedule are adjusting.

Sometimes we decide to nap in the sun and skip our afternoon walks. My kinda guy.

My new job has come with a lot of extra responsibilities (I’m in charge of product education, in-house inventory, and introducing new dogs into our pack) and physical labor (I’ve never cleaned and re-cleaned things so much in my entire life!).  While I welcome the challenges with open arms, it’s made me a little lazy in the evenings.  I’m hoping this will change once I’m completely acclimated.

The sweetest thing?  Rufus gets up with me, falls asleep in the bathroom doorway while I’m getting ready, curls up on the couch with me while I’m checking my blogs and email, and then prances right back up to bed to cuddle with Alex for another 2 hrs.  What a devoted companion I have!  I just love him to pieces.

Wake me up when breakfast’s ready.



6 thoughts on “(Not really) Wordless Wednesdays (Where have I been??)

  1. My babies always watch me from the bathroom doorway when I get ready! Although with Taylor in the house this has turned into Taylor taunting and terrorizing (playfully) the other dogs while I get ready and trying to talk them out of their doorway worship. You do have a lovely companion. 🙂

  2. I seriously want to come to your house and love on Rufus and his sweet face! If you come home from work one day and someone is yelling ‘don’t shoot, it’s Tracey from OhMelvin’ then, don’t shoot cuase it’s me!

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