Friday(ish) Finds!

Once again, I’m a day late on this.  Sorry, folks – that’s apparently how I role these days.

I just have two products to share this week.  Both of these have been Rufus tested AND approved!  Click on the pictures for more info:

I recently picked up these new treats for Rufus, and he goes nuts for them!  They’re a raw and dehydrated product – I got the duck in case you were wondering.

Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch


Wooly Fun! Eco-friendly dog toys

Not the best picture, but I love this product.  All of their toys (they have balls, tugs, and other crazy shapes) are made of 100% wool and they’re super soft and surprisingly durable.  Rufus loves all things fuzzy, so this was a great match for him.  He enjoys a good game of fetch (or chase), and these keep him interested a bit longer.


Side note: I will be out of town for a few days with my little family on a fun-filled trip to Seattle, WA.  Alex and I are going as a belated anniversary trip, and Mr. Rufus will be accompanying us.  Hopefully I remember to take a ton of pictures to share with you guys.  Have a good beginning of the week!




2 thoughts on “Friday(ish) Finds!

  1. I just bought one of those boiled wool balls while I was home in Canada this summer…I was specifically looking for something to replace the actual balls of wool that are constantly being snatched out of my knitting basket. It is so popular, a total hit with everyone, and I am super impressed at how durable it is! Next trip home I will buy at 5 or 10!
    Have a great weekend!

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