Rufus does Seattle: The Market

As you know, Alex, Rufus and I went on a mini-vacation last week to gorgeous Seattle.  This was the first time for all three of us, and it did not disappoint.

While we did plenty as a couple without Mr. Ru (a fancy dinner, an afternoon at the museums, the space needle, etc.), here is what we did with our complete little family:

First up, we visited Pike’s Place Market (several times, actually) which included buying yummy pastries, beautiful flowers, and spending time enjoying the scenery:

My two gentleman being true gentlemen in the crazy crowds surrounding the market.

Beautiful balcony.


$5 for this beautiful bouquet.

That one place where they throw fish around and yell at each other. Not as fun for two vegetarians, but quite a show.


A girl and her dog and the most wonderful breeze.

Even among the bustling crowds, Rufus did so well.  He did have one moment of panic when he passed an extra large dog walking through the streets, but I handled it as well as I possibly could and he quickly got over it when he realized the dog in question couldn’t care less about his meltdown moment.  Classic Rufus.

Up next? A hike around Discovery Park!


5 thoughts on “Rufus does Seattle: The Market

  1. I LOVE Seattle! I just spent a couple of days there not too long ago and the market was the busiest I have ever seen it! It was still a super fun trip though. I’m impressed that Rufus did so well with all of the crowds. Way to go Rufus!

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