Remember that adorable little pittie we fostered back in Chicago?  She spent almost four months with us, 2 months with another foster home after we moved, a little over a month in a third foster home when the second foster home welcomed a new baby into their family, and 3 separate weeks in three separate foster-to-adopts (all of which returned her for various reasons), and ended up back at the beginning.  And I mean that in the best way ever:

Teeny with her forever family!

You see that wonderful man on the right?  Well he just happens to be our former roommate/long-time friend from Chicago.  While we were fostering Teeny, he was finishing up his degree and simultaneously falling in love with our little piglet.  His girlfriend (on the left) was also finishing up school while living with her parents.  Both of them really enjoyed their time with Teeny and talked often about adopting her, but weren’t in the right position to do so at the time.

Fast forward several months later, they were moved into their own place and thrilled to learn Teeny was still available.  They made their adoption official this evening, and I couldn’t be happier for them all!  Teeny gets to stay in my life and ended up with wonderful parents as well.

While they do have a few issues to get through with her (leash reactivity and some housetraining obstacles she can’t quite seem to grasp), I know they will be incredibly happy together.

Congrats, cutie! I can’t speak for Rufus, but I know Al and I will be happy to visit you from time to time.

Wait, what??



9 thoughts on “Teeny: ADOPTED!

  1. It’s so exciting to be able to see a previous foster again! I do like when the option of foster-to-adopt is available. It can be difficult to tell in a few minutes to an hour whether a dog really is a good fit for a family. We kinda went on a feeling and how attached/independent the shelter pups we looked at seemed to be, and were fortunate that we ended up with a dog who is perfect for us. While we love our fosters to death, most of them wouldn’t have been the perfect fit for us as a forever dog.

  2. Congrats, Teeny!

    I second the comment above that foster-to-adopt is a great option. We had Mushroom as a foster-to-adopt dog for an entire month (because she was recovering from heartworms), even though my spouse had already decided she was a keeper when we first met her.

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