My Weekend in Photos.

In case you were wondering…

Our coat rack/mailbox organizer is officially hung and also full of our raincoats (Rufus has the yellow one in the middle, in case you couldn’t tell) 

New dog walking kicks! 

Rufus taking a break to pose for me during a hike. 

Post-hiking treats for me… 

and goodies for Rufus, too! 


Motley came to spend the night while her parents went kayaking in Washington.

We are slowly put surely making this little house a home. 

And…who is this happy fella??



10 thoughts on “My Weekend in Photos.

    • They were originally made by a graphic designer, but I then realized they weren’t actual prints 😦 So…I printed them out and framed them myself, haha.

    • Haha, the mystery pup is still a work in progress-ish, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer! And thanks, the owl’s name is Leo 🙂

      • We name all our decorative animals too!! We have Howard (a pink duck), Chandler (a neon green rooster), Orval the Oval Owl (in our garden), Bernard (a yellow owl), and Oswald (yet another owl, this one turquoise). 🙂

  1. Are your shoes by Merrell? I love their products. I just bought myself 2 new dog walking shoes–such a treat!! I think I need to find some Lovely Oh’s for myself…dang, those look yummy.

    • Yes, they are Merrell! They’re great so far 🙂 And I can”t recommend the Lovely O’s enough! They come in mint, too. Equally delicious.

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