When things go wrong…before they have a chance to go wrong.

In my last post, I hinted about a possible new member of our family:


This is Link.  He is a spaniel mix that I found as a courtesy post through a local rescue.  When I inquired about him, I was told that he was up for adoption but also in need of a temporary home, a.k.a. a foster home.  His face immediately stood out to me, and I filled out an application asap.  I heard back from a volunteer that told me she loved my application and wanted to set up a meeting.

Saturday morning, Rufus and I drove over an hour to meet Link and learn more about him.  His very temporary foster mom and I chatted for well over an hour while both Rufus and Link seemed to be cool with each other.  Surprisingly, Rufus was not very interested in him but was also totally fine with him in his space. Link is quite timid, so he seemed to appreciate the way Rufus was ignoring him.  All in all, it was successful enough for me to agree that I want to (at least) foster him, with the possibility of adopting him in the long-run.  He was so kind and shy in the most endearing way.  I also loved that he and Rufus were the EXACT same size and had matching jowls, haha.

I told her that I would like to pick him up later in the week.  I did not want to take him home that day simply because I didn’t want both him and Rufus in the car together during the long ride home.  While the chances are that they would ignore each other, you can never be too careful with dogs in new and stressful situations. So yeah, remember…that was on Saturday.

That same night, she contacted me by email asking if I could come get him the next day.  I told her that both of us had to work, but we would DEFINITELY be picking him up by Wednesday evening at the very latest.  Once again, she told me that she really liked my application and that she was ok with waiting, but hinted towards me coming as soon as possible to get him.

Sunday night, I got another email asking me if I was still interested.  I told her nothing had changed, but it looked like the best day for us to come get him as a family would be Tuesday after work.  She mentioned she had a few applications on him and really wanted to find him a good home.  I told her once again that I was absolutely NOT flaking out on her, and we would be coming to get Link very soon.

I had great references, experience with timid dogs and training, and I work at a freaking doggy daycare/retail store!  I’m not trying to brag, but I consider myself a pretty good catch in the dog fostering/adoption world.  This lady was making me feel incredibly uneasy and I started to wonder what her real intentions were with this poor dog.

During my lunch break on Monday, I told her that Alex and I would be coming to get Link Tuesday evening.  She did not write me back all day.  Late Monday night, I got an e-mail stating that Link had “found a home.”  That is literally all she wrote.

Maybe my incredible experience fostering and volunteering for One Tail At A Time has left me spoiled, but this whole ordeal made me livid and completely caught me off guard.  While I was not 100% certain that we were going to inevitably adopt Link, I put in my application to foster him and was approved.  The most she would have had to continue to have him in her care was three more freaking days.  Three days! 

All of this being said, I am pretty sad.  I really loved this dog’s personality and was hopeful about our future together, permanent or not.  I feel as though this woman’s main goal was to get the dog out of her house.  I am not saying that the people or person who took him were less qualified than me, but this should have been handled completely differently.  I am so disappointed.

At the beginning of this process, my biggest worry was how Rufus was going to take having a new foster sibling in his new environment.  It turns out we’ll have to wait and see a little longer.



20 thoughts on “When things go wrong…before they have a chance to go wrong.

  1. What the hell. I’m sad for you and for Link who because of a crazy person, missed out on a kick-ass situation. I can totally see what you mean about his face, I can feel the tug! I’m in a similar situation, I’m going to look for your email address so we can virtually commiserate together.

    • Ok, so I thought I had your email. Little Man was sort of a done deal and then I found out that they take, wait for it, 30 applications on a dog before they start considering anyone. Thirty. I know his foster mom so I was all in and then we found out the board was going to take this adoption over and in addition to waiting for enough applications, it could take a month to figure it out. I love him, and I’m going to rock this application but this is not my idea of rescue. While I don’t think the first application or the second are always the right ones, I feel that you go in some sort of semblance of order. I’m not feeling right about it being ‘competitive’. Which is the exact opposite of your situation where it seems lady pants wanted Link, gone. Ugh, an annoying day but we will persevere and its going to work out, no matter what happens! Deep cleansing breaths and hopefully some wine for you!

      • Psst…I totally wrote out my email in my first comment, haha.

        30 applications?? That’s nuts! While I was still in college, I actually applied to a Frenchie rescue…it was the most intense process ever, and of course (and understandably), they denied me due to my school schedule.

        I agree that you should absolutely search for a great situation for the dog, but you should not pass up great applicants simply because you think you’re going to find a person that may be “better.” I’m sorry for the hold-up, but I really hope it all works out. I’m sure you have a great chance, obviously!

      • If every dog has to have 30 applications, they are probably losing out on a lot of other dogs they could rescue! Although it sounds like our shelter’s euthanasia rate may be going down due to a low-income spay/neuter program, I can’t imagine how low adoption rates would be for our rescue if they waited for 30 applications for each dog. They pull a lot of dogs from the shelter- treating injured/sick dogs, litters (susceptible to Parvo), etc. But the main goal seems to be saving as many dogs as possible while still finding them good homes, which means a basic screening rather than a very selective one. Why discourage people from adopting a shelter or rescue dog?

  2. UGH that sucks – how frusterating!!! I’m so, so sorry. Especially for her not to give you any more information than “found a home.” What if it doesn’t work out? Will she contact you to foster/adopt him? I mean SHEESH communicaiton people!! I’m sorry Rufus, it looks like you’re stuck being an only pup for a little bit longer.

    • Ugh..I actually wrote her back asking for more information and have yet to hear back. Since moving out here, I have dealt with so many flakey situations…I’m definitely not blaming the area (the shelters have been great!), but I’ve had a string of bad luck. Thanks for your support 🙂

  3. Ugh — that’s so weird… This was through someone fostering for a shelter? How super strange. And incredibly annoying. So sorry you missed out on Link. All it means is that a better pup is waiting for you to find him, though.

    • No, it actually a foster-based rescue, but the woman took him on as a temporary foster as an emergency situation, I guess. She didn’t want to foster him long-term for whatever reason.

      Thanks for making me remember I can still find our perfect fit out there 🙂

  4. That is awful! I am so sorry you had to deal with that – I swear, sometimes I don’t understand what is going through people’s minds when they are looking at potential adopters! 😦 I guess now all we can do is hope that Link’s new family is as awesome as you are!

  5. Sorry to hear that! I hope you find your perfect pup:) I don’t understand why some rescues are relentless in searching for homes and fosters for their dogs and then are totally rude when great people respond:/

    I fostered for a rescue once and everything was all sugary sweet until I got the dog home and he ended up having pretty severe dog aggression that I wasn’t prepared for. I asked if he could go to another foster and they would go days without getting back to me. When I’d inquire on the progress and offer to help myself in finding a new foster, I got angry cursing replies about how “people like me are what’s wrong with rescue” and that she was done with the whole thing once for good because of it. It definitely scared me off fostering for a while!

  6. That’s awful! I understand how strong even an initial contact with a dog can feel. Your heart gets all prepared to love this animal, and it’s a huge loss when the relationship is yanked out from underneath you.

    It could have gone so much better if the foster woman had just been more communicative and upfront and explained things from her end. Maybe she had another emergency foster coming in, or personal problems or it was a first-come-first-served deal (kind of ridiculous but…), but she could have told you all that.

    Hugs to you and Rufus.

    • I agree – I could have dealt with the situation a lot better if she had been more communicative and told me exactly why she was pushing this so much. Instead she made me feel as though everthing was fine, but her preference was that I take him sooner rather than later, but not that it was some dire situation. Ugh..live and learn, right?

  7. That seriously sucks. I would have been so mad if that had happened to me too. I understand how busy and difficult it can be when you’re fostering a dog and dealing with multiple applications, but she should have been much more up front with you about what was going on. That was a serious fail on her part. I hope Link found an amazing home, but I’m still very sorry that happened to you.

    • Ugh…thanks so much. I’m still a little bummed about the whole thing, but I also realize that there are ton of pups out there and we will find our next foster/possible forever dog 🙂

  8. I wonder what else was going on that she wasn’t telling you… I know some rescues are more apt to go with whoever is able to “get the dog” first, but you’d think if she really liked your application she may have waited. Who knows… so he wasn’t actually part of a rescue, just in someone’s house? Like a surrender or someone had stepped in to help an owner surrender but was running out of time? I’m confident you’ll find Rufus the right fit however temporary or permanent with an equally charming face. 🙂

    • Yeah, a rescue stepped in to help an owner surrender who was running out of time. It was such a bizarre situation, but i’m just hoping it all worked out for the sweet guy.

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