One Lovely Blog? (Aw, shucks)

Ok so I’m the worst blogger ever.  Almost two weeks ago (whoops), Mr. and Mrs. and Nola Kisses gave me the “One Lovely Blog” award, and I am so very flattered! Thank you again!


..and here are the requirements for the  One Lovely Blog Award:

  • Copy the award logos and place it in your post
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
  •  Nominate other bloggers you admire
  •  Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know
  • One extra requirement for the One Lovely Blog award requires you to share 7 things about yourself

So…7 things about me?  It feels kind of odd NOT writing about my dog, but I’ll give it a whirl:

1. I actually started off as a fashion blogger.  Weird, right?  Even though I continue to pick careers that require me to be covered in dog drool and hair most days, I am kind of bananas about fashion.  However, I quickly realized that taking pictures of myself was just not as fun (or natural) as super adorable pups.  It was a short-lived hobby, but I still follow many of my favorite bloggers for inspiration.

2. I used to write music/sing in bands with my friends.  I recorded a few demos and even played in front of small groups of friends and family, but life gets in the way.  Going to live shows and writing are still two of my favorite things in the world.

3. I love to cook/bake.  Nothing makes me feel more at home than when I’m in the kitchen whipping up a recipe.  I have been lacking in this area for the past two months due to work and settling into our new home, but I try to do it as much as I can.

4. I’m a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) and have been since the age of 11.  I decided very young that eating animals was just not for me.

5. My idea of a perfect day is one filled with hiking (Rufus included), snacking on fruits, breads and cheeses mid-hike, and then spending the evening watching a movie and cooking something great for dinner…or ordering a pizza.  I’m easy to please.  Getting into bed with a good book or a mini tv show marathon on the ipad would be pretty great too.

6. I’m secretly afraid that I’ll never love a dog as much as I love Rufus, and so I find myself being very picky about adding a new dog to our life.

7. My favorite show in the entire world, forever and ever, will always be “Six Feet Under.”  If you have not watched this HBO series, drop everything and do it.  Oh my goodness, it’s brilliant.  Heavy but brilliant.

And now for a few blogs I nominate?

Fishing In The Fields – my ex co-worker/dog loving soulmate writes a blog about her dogs and her job.

Life in 2-Player Mode – Adorable pittie mixes with a side of video games.

….sorry for the short list, but it looks like everyone else I could think of has already been nominated.  Congrats to everyone!

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