Rufus & The Mouse

Ok, it’s obviously not a mouse…but a chihuahua comes pretty close, right??  No offense, chihuahua lovers.



I found this little lady walking along a busy road on my way home from work.  I immediately pulled over and scooped her up.  To my surprise, she was a total sweetie!  I’m a little weary of small dogs as many of them I’ve come across at work can be snippy.  After walking around the surrounding neighborhoods looking for her home with no luck, I took her home and put her in our backyard.  Rufus immediately took to her, play bowing and shoving his toy in her face.  Of course she was terrified, but I still thought it was super cute.

Shortly after their failed play session, I threw them both in the car and delivered her to animal control.  I filled out a form that gave them permission to call me if she is not claimed or adopted.  I am almost positive this lady will be scooped up quickly, one way or the other.  Here’s hoping we don’t end up with a 4 lb. hamster! 


11 thoughts on “Rufus & The Mouse

  1. What ended up happening with this little sweetie?
    I once picked up a stray chi– it took 45 minutes to “capture” her! She was soo skittish but sweet once I had her.

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