The Rufus Trifecta

Even though we have been living in the Pacific Northwest for nine months now, my heart still belongs to Chicago.  One of the biggest reasons I still consider the windy city “home” is thanks to a rescue I gush about on a very regular basis: One Tail At A Time.

One Tail currently has 3 (THREE!!) Rufus dopplegangers.  Can you believe it??  Here are the handsome bachelors currently searching for their forever homes:


   Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan is a 6 yr. old Mountain Cur mix that sounds like a dream: affection, medium energy level, good with all kinds of people and dogs.  Does he just look like the smartest kid on the block?  So stoic, that one.



OHMIGOSH!! Newton was the first Rufus look-alike that One Tail rescued a few months back.  When he popped up on my Facebook feed, I almost considered having him transported to me.  Of course I came to my senses.  For now.  Listed as an Australian Shepherd/Plott Hound mix, Newton sounds like a pile of mush.  Described as calm, submissive and shy, Newton is looking for a relaxed home environment that will give him the time he needs to settle in.  Honestly, he couldn’t be more perfect for me, guys.  Crap.

And last but certainly not least, PUPPY RUFUS!!!



Elvis is EXACTLY what I picture when I’m daydreaming of what Rufus looked like as a little dude.  Well…Rufus probably had a bigger noggin, but close enough. I’m sure all of us adult dog lovers can agree that we’d love to see just one picture of our beloved pets as babies. A mellow and well-behaved puppy with wonderful social skills??  Sign me up!


And lastly, here’s what Rufus thinks of all of these copydogs:

Wannabes ain't got nothin' on me.

Wannabes ain’t got nothin’ on me.

For more information about any of One Tail At a Time’s current adoptable dogs,click on their picture above or visit the website.  Now.



7 thoughts on “The Rufus Trifecta

  1. OMG, Puppy Rufus! I always say that we will never be able to get a puppy, but squeeeeee!!!!! In reality it would be a toss up between Handsome Dan and Newton, whoever Rufus likes more. 🙂

    Warning – one you get a matched set people will constantly ask you what kind of dog they are and if they’re related. They always seem disappointed that we don’t know and no, they’re not related. Making up breed names can be fun though!

    • I don’t know what it is about dogs that look like Rufus, but I’m so drawn to them. I have to admit I was one of those that inquired about Maggie and Duke being related, haha. Or at least the same breed mixture. I love a matching pair!

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