My Happy Place

First of all, I just want to apologize (yet again) for the inconsistent postings. I have been in quite a funk lately.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, friends.  I am straight up homesick.  Ugh…

Even though I enjoy my job for the most part and love the gorgeousness that is the pacific northwest, I miss my family and my best friends.  It’s been rough this past month, but there’s always one thing that cheers me up no matter what: a hike with my best friend.






And since I forgot my camera on this lovely day, please excuse all of the filters via phone pics- I happen to enjoy a little bit of Instagram every now and again.


9 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. I only ‘liked’ the post cause I love me some photos of Rufus. I’m in no way liking the you-in-a-funk part! I’m so sorry, I know how that goes. When I lived in NYC I would get so homesick and then I’d walk around and no one would make eye contact with me, or worse, they’d pee in public near me, and that didn’t make me feel better. I hope you can get some family/friend fix soon!!

  2. Being homesick is no fun! I moved to the Pacific Northwest 10 years ago (yikes!) and I definitely had the same funk going on. However, with time I made some really good friends and finally settled in to my new home. Here’s hoping that your funk ends soon! p.s. I cannot get enough of your Rufus – he is ADORABLE.

  3. All my pics are phone pics.
    Who needs a real camera? This girl!
    i feel you on the homesick…i’ve got a case of it myself. Arizona sunshine is a good cure, and that plus my pups is usually enough to get me through

  4. Rufus looks so happy to be on those rocks!

    Homesickness is no fun. We’ll be going at least a year without visiting home and I start thinking I’m a bit nutty because I miss steep hills, corn, and have started taking a different way to work because I saw cows and sheep one day. Seriously, what right-minded person would reroute just because they saw a few cows?

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