Puppy FEVER.



You guys.  I have had CRAZY puppy fever for about two months now.  I am blaming this on the fact that we have had a ton of new puppies joining the pack at work…and they all happen to be SUPER adorable and perfect.

You guys.  Talk me out of this insanity.  I’m sure Rufus would appreciate it as well.

**Photos taken from Daily Puppy.  Refrain from this website if you’d like to keep your sanity!


12 thoughts on “Puppy FEVER.

  1. Puppies are ridiculously adorable, but they are also a HUGE amount of work! They might not seem quite as cute when you’re taking them out to potty every two hours (including in the middle of the night) and trying to teach them not to chew everything in sight. You also don’t really know what you’re getting when you adopt a puppy; whereas with adult dogs their personalities are already mostly developed, with puppies they’re just babies, so it’s hard to know exactly what they’ll be like once they grow up. Personally, I can’t imagine ever getting a puppy. I much prefer adults.

    However, if you’re up for the challenge, go for it! Better you than me 😉

  2. Just over a year ago I was sitting on the floor crying real tears because instead of fostering an elderbull I ended up adopting a puppy. Although we’ve both grown up, it was a rocky few months. Potty training is the least of the worries when we had a massive chewer with boundless energy on our hands. 🙂

    • As much I would love to have an old dog to hang out with on rainy days, we’re actually looking for a dog no older than 4 or 5 simply because we want a dog that can go on long hikes and enjoy the outdoors with us most weekends 🙂 Alex is actually looking for a running partner as well, since Rufus gets bored running without sniffing after a mile or two.

  3. Sorry, can’t help they’re too cute! I wanted a dog at least a few years old to show Kaya and thing or 2 but I ended up with puppy Norman:) No complaints but I think he was an unusually easy puppy and balanced her out anyways. The 3rd to last one is a little mini Rufus! But I’m partial to the 2nd to last one…pittie smile:D

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