(Kinda, sorta, not really) Wordless Wednesday

Rufus on Stuff.

Rufus on Stuff.

Sorry for the silence over here recently.  I could give you lots of excuses (my broken iphone as pictured above, family visiting, work is crazy, etc), but most if it is due to laziness and my lack of heat tolerance.  Seriously.  I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest all of a year and 90 degree weather already seems ABSURD.  I mean…what the heck is the point of it being that hot unless you intend to spend the entire day in a body of water?  Blech.

I promise to start posting more often very soon.  My little family has a much-needed getaway coming up this weekend, so hopefully I will have some pictures to share.  Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “(Kinda, sorta, not really) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh my gosh I so hear you re: the heat. I’m in Maryland and it’s been in the mid-90s all week and is supposed to be 100 on Friday. Winter can’t get here soon enough! We’ve been doing a lot of frozen Kongs here at our house 🙂

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