Over the weekend, Alex and I (belatedly) celebrated my birthday by renting a cabin on Mt. Hood.  And of course, Mr. Rufus tagged along.  That dude knows how to party.

While I did take a few pictures of our cabin, none of them turned out that great, so imagine a rustic paradise.  Honestly, I was so impressed.  We had a loft bedroom and a full kitchen with all the supplies we needed to cook yummy meals.  Oh, and did I mention the hot tub and riverside view? Lovely.

My favorite activity was our day trip to Trillium Lake.  This place looks so picture-perfect, it makes me giddy just thinking about it.  The lake has a 3 mile hike around it, which was so pretty.  But most of our time was spent chillin’ by the beautiful rocks and taking a dip in the crystal clear water.


In the Pacific Northwest, it’s always chilly in the AM.


Little teef by the water.


Getting his sniff on.


The Top.


Trillium Lake

A quick hike before heading home.

A quick hike before heading home.


And now we are back to reality, sweating our butts off in this abnormal heat and missing good old fashioned A.C. like whoa.  I think our next mini-adventure will  be a camping trip, so stayed tuned for that!  Also thanks for sticking with us through the radio silence, it’s much appreciated!


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