Some people meditate.  I walk my dog.



This may sound cheesy, but I find great peace in walking Rufus.  Part of it may be the comfort in routine, but I think it’s deeper than that.

Whenever we begin a walk or hike, Rufus always starts out a little excitable.  Most of the time, it takes us just a few minutes to get into the swing of things.  As soon as we are in motion and on a path, our steps are very in-sync.  Rufus is a pro at loose-leash walking and I often let him lead, unless we’re practicing our “with me” command for city walks or busier areas.  I don’t mind stopping here and there to let him put that hound nose to work.  If it’s a familiar route, I often let him off-leash for a few moments at one of the parks I know well.  Those little bits of freedom really make his day.


I never dread walking him.   I think I love it so much because I’ve made it about me just as much as it is about him. While he’s getting exercise and some mental stimulation, I am often enjoying one of my favorite podcasts, engaging him in a training session, and/or breaking a sweat myself – all of these things I really enjoy.

But do you know what makes it the most enjoyable for me?  Seeing my mopey man light up.  Rufus is never happier than when he’s outdoors, taking the world in with his nose.  It really is a beautiful sight to see.




7 thoughts on “Move.

  1. I know exactly how you feel, some days I come home from work tired and grumpy but taking our dogs for a walk is great therapy and I love seeing their happy faces when they know they’re going out 🙂

  2. Yes, yes, YES! (I feel like more and more every post you write, I’m just like, “Um, yep, ditto.”) Walking Pyrrha at the end of a long work day is my favorite and most peaceful routine. I think we both always look forward to it.

    • Same here! I actually work with dogs all day, but I am always so excited to come home to my own guy so that we can “catch up” and walk off any bad moments I may have had during my work day.

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