Dogs are people, too.

Have you seen this article yet? It turns out that dogs have emotions, guys. I know!  Who would have thought?  Oh, right…all of us.  

Sometimes when Rufus is off-leash, he has a tendency to lose his mind.  Without thinking, his nose gets the best of him and before I know it, he’s taking off across a field or through the trees leaving me in the dust.

But then there’s this really wonderful moment in which I can still see him but he can’t quite find me from a distance.  In that moment of panic, his whole body freezes and his face drops. I imagine he’s thinking something along the lines of, “Oh my god oh my god oh my god…I’ve lost my mom forever.”  And then?  I call out his name and he spots me.  He immediately starts running towards me at full force with his tongue wagging in the wind.  Our little reunion means everything to him.


In that moment I’m reminded of the fact that my dog is more than “just a dog”, and I’m sure that anyone else who has ever loved a dog has a similar anecdote or story to tell. They truly are the best creatures on earth.  


4 thoughts on “Dogs are people, too.

  1. How sweet!!!! Your connection is unbreakable.

    Not that this is the same thing but it reminded me of something else.

    Hades is confined to a large back bedroom when I am gone. If I come in through the backyard I can usually catch him sitting alert on his couch, listening and waiting to see who is in his yard. He always looks adorable. But better yet is when he sleep through my entrance to the yard and I catch him curled up sleeping in a little pup ball. And then–the moment when he wakes up and realizes his mom is home *heart melts*

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