A new post! Worst mom ever! Cutest face in the world! ETC…

Oh my gooooooooooosssshhhhh…where does the freaking time go, guys?

I feel like October was a total blur.  Work has been super crazy thanks to two long-term employees leaving us (sad) and having quite a hard time filling their positions with competent and reliable people. :sigh:  Apparently people don’t like to work anymore.  What is the world coming to? Ugh.

But I digress.  

Now the really embarrassing point of this post:  I’m the worst mom ever. I totally bypassed announcing Ru’s 3rd Gotcha Day Anniversary/6th (or 5th…who really knows?) birthday last Saturday.  Yes, it was over a week ago.  And no post about my handsome man’s special day??  Let the public shaming begin…

Not to worry, though.  The actual day was full of happiness for my guy: a long hike at our favorite park, a frozen Kong stuffed with all of his favorites, impromptu cat chasing, a fancy cookie from a local barkery (har har), a car ride to yet another park, and then we snuggled.  A lot.

See?  He doesn’t seem too scarred from my internet negligence:



Happy Monday to all of you wonderful people! 


8 thoughts on “A new post! Worst mom ever! Cutest face in the world! ETC…

  1. My pups passed their 5th bday and we didn’t even celebrate! 😦

    I was dog sitting and my promises to make up for it later fell short.

    It’s never too late to celebrate for a dog, right?

    You’re always the best dog mama ever and he knows it!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Ru!!!! It sounds like you had a fabulous day, and it’s the fun with your family that matters rather than the blog post about it. You sure look happy!!!!!!

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