Sunday Musings: The Near Future

There’s been quite a lot of radio silence over here lately. While I’m still keeping up with my favorite dog blogs, I haven’t done much blogging over here myself. I’m hoping that will change in the new year, but I don’t want to make any promises. 

While Rufus is still the center of my world, I’ve been taking a little time to focus on myself. It sounds silly, but being a crazy dog lady is a great distraction. Putting so much time and effort into him meant that I didn’t have to think about my own stuff. But then? Something clicked and I realized I really wanted to start figuring out all that “stuff”. It’s been a really interested and exhausting couple of months. 


The boyfriend and I are juggling quite a lot right now: a possible move, job changes for both of us, and grad school for myself. It’s all up in the air right now but things are starting to happen, so we’re just trying to take it day-by-day. On top of that, I’ve rediscovered old passions and have started to do something about it! But enough of the vague information…I just felt compelled to post something because I really do enjoy this little blog and all of the friends I’ve made.  

Here’s to new beginnings!




14 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: The Near Future

  1. Yay for YOU time! It is oh so important that we focus on ourselves (the often forgotten ones!)! Can’t wait for more updates, you know I’ll be here, I MUST have my Rufus fix!

  2. Having time for you is essential and I’m glad you’re finding more of it, best of luck with all that you are doing and give the big fella a hug from me. Happy New Year and I hope that 2014 brings you lots of happiness 🙂

  3. Good for you! I empathize; having a “special” dog can be tiring. I hope that you can find that dog/life balance in 2014! Love your blog and I always enjoy reading. Great shots of Rufus, too!

  4. I am in the same boat – I haven’t touched the blog in weeks and I miss the community, but it’s been kinda nice to not have to worry about getting a blog post up. I am so curious where you are thinking of moving to… hopefully not out of the PNW! I am living vicariously through you!!! Kidding, but whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store next!

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