My Old Man: Thoughts On Aging.

Even though I’d like to stay oblivious forever, there’s no denying that my best friend is getting older.



To most people that have only briefly met Rufus, he has always acted like an old man. He’s super chill, sleeps a ton, is a tad grumpy and basically wants nothing more than to hang out on the couch with his favorite jar of peanut butter.

But to the well-trained eye (mine, obviously), only recently has he shown signs of slowing down. Last week, he winced as he went up the stairs and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. My poor baby! He’s Dying! What are we going to do? 

I was being a tad melodramatic, to say the least…

It turns out that all of those supplements I had him on (and recently ran out of, waiting extra long to receive our next shipment in the mail….meaning he was without them for a good two weeks) really do work! A week back on his Missing Link supplement and Honest Kitchen formula and those joints are in tip-top shape once again. What a relief. Oh and that coat? It’s as shiny and supple as ever! He’s basically a walking shampoo commercial.

But honestly, he still has those moments in which he would much rather nap on the couch than accompany me on an evening walk. While he is still full of beans in the mornings and during very stimulating hikes, he often seems to be irritated by me when I offer that last walk of the day. Pulling at his leash in the direction of home, walking far enough behind me that I feel like a total jerk MAKING him do one more lap around the block, etc.

So I’m catering to his new exercise level because I love him and I want him to be as happy a possible. Our evening walks are now only for that last potty break and our hikes are either 1. shorter or 2. filled with plenty of breaks for him to rest up before we start again. This keeps us both very happy.

So yes, my dude is getting older but he’s far from being a couch potato. Well, at least to the well-trained eye…(again..mine and only mine) .






11 thoughts on “My Old Man: Thoughts On Aging.

  1. He is so soulful — and you know I liken all things Ru to all things Mel. How old is he? Melvin is 9 and my guess was they were close in age but Melvin might be older.

    • Rufus is (estimated to be) about 7, give or take. He has had the white around his nose since we got him so I’m guessing that it is just part of his coloring, but it has been spreading recently haha.

  2. All of your Rufus photos are adorable, but I do love the one where he’s stood up on the tree/log 🙂
    And I know the feeling. A few of the dogs in my life are reaching that 6,7,8 age! (*sigh!*)

  3. He is such a handsome, lovable boy and larger dogs do tend to start slowing down around that age which I find quite sad, we’ve noticed that our 7 year old is happy with shorter walks these days although he does get them twice a day with a longer walk in the morning. Our 13 year old manages nicely on a 15 minute walk each evening, but she really loves it and almost drags us out the door. The supplements definitely help, we used green lip mussel on our 13 year old until she got pancreatitis and now relies on cartrofen injections and pain killers (rarely) to maintain her carefree lifestyle. Every day we have them in our lives is such a pleasure, old or young I wouldn’t be without my fur-kids 🙂

  4. I hear you on this. My little man is eleven now, and it scares me to death. He’s 99.9% the same as he’s always been, but the little changes that are invisible to others seem major to me, because I know him so well. It’s inevitable but still difficult to accept.

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