Smarty Pants: Back on the training wagon.


With life getting all busy and crazy and stuff, Ru’s training has definitely taken a backseat. Actually..I’m pretty sure any tools I once used on a daily basis are buried in the trunk of my car at this point…under the boyfriend’s golf clubs. Like…waaaaay under. 

Yep, I’m a slacker. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

So! I’ve made it my mission to get Rufus back on track. No more mindless walks. Now? We will walk with purpose. And he will do his best to not destroy me with his cuteness while doing so:



Oh, and I will always walk with treats in my stylish fanny back (no picture necessary).

The first tool I dusted off was his REI backpack. I love this thing. As soon as I strap it on, Rufus goes from reckless abandon to a dog with a mission. This little trick makes him so much more focused on hikes and a lot easier to control.


It’s kind of like magic.

Stay tuned for more pup-dates!

Do you have any go-to tools that help while training? Treats are obviously my #1, but I also love other creative ways to put his mind to work.


8 thoughts on “Smarty Pants: Back on the training wagon.

  1. I agree with the above comment! Cuuuute alert!
    I do have a ‘training box’ which is just a gift box with dogs on 🙂 I keep various treats and clickers and any bits and bobs I may need for a particular ‘trick’. Sam swarms around it when I get it out, sniffing the treats, but I suppose it gets him motivated 🙂

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