Top Ten Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Dog

This is definitely on my dog-related bucket list! Here are some great tips to feel more confident about mastering this activity with your dog!

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Ruffwear Ambassador and author of ā€œHow To SUP With Your PUPā€œ, Maria Christina Schultz, offers up her Top Ten Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Dog.


Always make your dog wear a life jacket. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about why dogs should wear life jackets in the water. On paddleboards, the handle on the life jacket is so important because it gives you a way to get your dog back on the board. Also, dogs that love the water may exhaust themselves before they realize they are too tired to swim back to you. Lastly, if you get separated from your dog while on the water, a brightly colored jacket will help you and other boaters spot him.

Leave the leash on the dock. This is a tricky topic. As American Canoe Association (ACA) SUP instructors, we teach people to always wear a boardā€¦

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