Hattie in a nutshell

Here’s what I have learned about Hattie in the 3 weeks that she’s been hanging out with us:

-She loves Rufus. OMG, the dude can do no wrong. What he sniffs, she sniffs. What he wants, she wants. What he loves, she loves. Such a fangirl.

-She loves all people…unless you are very still or crouching down menacingly. But once you approach her with open arms and a smile, she forgives you. This girl is all heart.

-She REALLY loves food. Hattie has only shown signs of food “aggression” once (and I use that term loosely). She was crated, enjoying her Kong stuffed with kibble when Rufus had the nerve to walk by to get to his toys. She lunged at the kennel door and let out a not-so- nice bark/growl. Before I even had time to correct her, she seemed to be shocked at her behavior and put her ears back,stepping away from her food until I gave her the ok to continue eating. It was a random moment but definitely something I will be keeping an eye on.

-She’s fast! This girl can run her butt off. There’s nothing like watching a dog run at full speed, ears flapping in the wind and tongue hanging out carelessly. It warms my heart to see her so carefree.

-She would fit in just about anywhere. This girl loves everyone and everything. Even when she gets spooked by a loud noise or object, she recovers quickly. Crated trained, house trained and affectionate without being too clingy, Hattie is pretty darn perfect. Especially for a young puppy. I really can’t say enough good things.

photo 2-2

photo 1-3

photo 3-2

photo 4

Oh and she’s freaking adorable. I mean…duh.



10 thoughts on “Hattie in a nutshell

  1. She really is a cutie! The horse fan in me keeps thinking of her as Palomino. Heheh. We’re supposed to get our first foster soon. How do you not completely fall in love? This Hattie seems like such a sweetheart! Do you ever keep yourself in check about how attached you get?

    • It’s totally normal to get attached. In fact, it’s necessary for training and learning the most you can about your foster pup so that you can let potential adopters know exactly what kind of dog they’re adopting 🙂 That being said, its can be very hard to see them go when you get a pup that you bond with. You’ll do great! Just love that pup to pieces and know you’re doing an amazing thing for them.

  2. Precious! She sounds like such a sweet girl, and I’m sure she will find a wonderful home. I LOVE the photo of Rufus play-bowing to her! Adorable.

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