Falling in love: collars and accessories for your pooch

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The food, the fashion, the crisp air accompanied by endless mugs of lattes, hot chocolate, or coffee with cinnamon – it’s all perfectly lovely to me.

Oh, and pureed pumpkin? Add it to all of the things! This is something Rufus and I agree on wholeheartedly.

But I digress. Back to the topic of fashion and accessories, It’s about this time that I start scouring the internet for new pieces for myself as well as for my best furry friend. A man’s gotta look and feel dapper in the colder months too, am I right?

Here are some items on my wishlist that just scream “fall” to me:




1. Woodsy” yellow collar by Sirius Republic. Rufus already owns about 5 Sirius collars, so what’s one more? Also, plaid. Plaid always wins in my book.

2. “Pictures of You” pillow pack by Molly Mutt. We already have a duvet cover in this print and I love the idea of adding a pillow to make Ru’s bed more couch-like. Maybe if he felt like he had his own little sofa, he wouldn’t be so eager to drool and shed all over ours?? Hah. Wishful thinking.

3. “Red Buffalo” plaid leash by Found. I’ve wanted a rope leash for years, but just couldn’t justify the price. Now that they’ve added a plaid handle?? I don’t know how much longer I can resist.

4.“Rescued” dog collar at Olive Green Dog. Just because I love spreading the rescue dog love.

5. Natural canvas owl toy by Simply Fido. Made from natural canvas and dyes, these toys are super adorable to look at and claim to be highly durable. Rufus has loved his hedgehog passionately for over two years now and today, he decided it was time to call it off by ripping the stuffing out of the poor little guy. I think it’s time to get him a new bff.

6. “The Maxwell” collar by Puddle Jumper Pups. How cute is this collar? All decorated with top hats and mustaches – it doesn’t get much dapper than that. I’ve purchased items from this Etsy store before and the quality is perfection! Check ’em out if you have the chance.

7. Plaid dog jacket by Billy Wolf Smith. I know it doesn’t get very cold in my part of the country, but we are hoping to be traveling a lot in the upcoming months, so you never know! Also, Rufus in a coat is kind of my favorite thing ever.


Do you love fall as much as I do? Any items you have your eye on, either for yourself or your pup(s)? Share them in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “Falling in love: collars and accessories for your pooch

  1. I love fall and plaid too! We bought Mushroom a little plaid coat, but she hates wearing it. Now might be the time to start conditioning.

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